Squash champion Michelle defends 'teaser' bodysuit I'm not

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The corset is awesome, i probably shouldve gotten it a size bigger cuz i had trouble getting it to close but im hoping that as i wear it more, it will get easier. the material is great.

The 1st, she says, was collecting a squash racquet on the chronilogical age of three.

"I think the bodysuit has turned me in to a marketable commodity," our planet's top-seeded women's squash player says. "Sometimes I actually do feel like just a product, and sometimes people forget you are a squash player and what you must have done. But any publicity for squash is a useful one publicity." The skin-tight, two-piece suit has caused bad weather in sporting circles, with critics saying it has demeaned sportswomen plus the game.

The Women's International Squash Players' Association has even slapped a ban on the bodysuit about the world circuit. Some critics say it is going to discourage little girls from using sport whenever they feel they need to look glamorous and sexy.

But Martin defends the teasing tactics, stating that when her manager, Phil Harte, invented the theory couple of years ago, Australia had four world-champion squash players who had been virtually unknown.

Nowadays, when she announces herself with a stranger over the telephone, the reply is usually: "Is how the Michelle Martin?" "I'm in the public eye because Phil Harte exists promoting me, if it's about the bodysuit, it is not doing sport any harm," Martin says.

"It's putting squash in the limelight.

"I would hope that we are not only a sex object - I don't want to be referred to as a sex object.

"Traditions are broken constantly. It once was all white shirts and tops, then it turned out colored. Who broke the trend there?" Martin's mother, Dawn, who oppposed the idea in the beginning, now tells her daughter the latex bodys is of interest.

FINA, the international swimming federation, has sanctioned the swimsuits and has refused to participate inside the CAS process since it gave approval for the Speedo suits before we were holding launched last week.

After wearing the bodysuit, Klim said hello was obviously a portion of sporting development.

''Sport has got to evolve and it's really the teenagers like myself and Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett who will be taking swimming in to the new generation and now we are earning new strides,'' he said.

'' have been wanting to wear the suit and he's recently been wearing a bodysuit, some other brand, therefore i think he'll come around at the same time ... in the sprint events, I think virtually everyone will likely be putting them on.''

Lees said embracing new technology was crucial in modern sport.

''Technology is everywhere, exactly why should we be primitive inside a sport while the rest is moving forward?'' he was quoted saying.

''This is part of swimming today. We're seeing this kind of evolution happen in lots of different sports - so we really have to appreciate that can be an ongoing procedure for evolution.''

 "My mum thinks it's more feminine to put on skirts," Martin says. "I still get her to be because I favor them, but there is still the final outcome - where is squash going, and is also it getting publicity?" Feeling like a saleable product is normally the one drawback of 26-year-old Martin's new image. With almost $400,000 sponsorship riding on her behalf name, she gets half dozen logos strategically placed on the back, front and legs in the bodysuit and nine backers, including Ansett and Northwest Airlines.

"At the finish for the day, they wish to be able to see they're getting value beyond you," she says.

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