Barkha Dutt Just Trolled By BSNL

By: DoYouKnow.IN | Views: 1687 | Date: 14-Jun-2016

Barkha Dutt Just Made Public Her Phone Problems And BSNL Trolled Her In An Epic Manner!

Barkha Dutt, the face of India’s pseudo-secularist journalism is someone who is always in the news. She is one of those journalists who is more ‘in’ the news than the one reporting news.

She is also the favorite of Twitter trolls, who don’t spare her and make life hell for her with their jibes and comments on her tweets. But this time the level got higher and Barkha just got trolled by BSNL. Here’s what went down.

Barkha tweeted about the problems she has been facing with her phone and lashed out at her service provider, Vodafone. bd1

Though she got responses from Vodafone regarding her problem, this tweet from BSNL just won the internet.


BSNL suggested Barkha to have a look at the government owned BSNL’s plans and switch to their services instead, like a BOSS! Trolling doesn’t seem to be limited to just parody accounts anymore!

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Abiya  |  01-Jul-2016 15:33:42 IST
Great post!I am actually getting ready to across this information,i am very happy to this commands.Also great blog here with all of the valuable information you have.Well done,its a great knowledge.
vignesh  |  22-Nov-2016 17:04:41 IST
I am reading your post from the beginning, it was so interesting to read & I feel thanks to you for posting such a good blog, keep updates regularly..

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