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Already picking up speed at a tremendous rate, the show Satyamev Jayate by Aamir Khan is the most anticipated TV debut right now!

Already picking up speed at a tremendous rate, the show Satyamev Jayate by Aamir Khan is the most anticipated TV debut right now!

The show opened to full houses on Sunday morning and pretty much everyone seemed to be hooked to the show that was aired.

The first show brought forth the topic of female foeticide and saw some poignant real life tales. Industry friends like Farhan Akhtar, Preity Zinta and others lauded Aamir's effort.

In fact, some of the people from the industry like young actress Nidhi Subbaiah tweeted saying "How about Aamir Khan for president?"

Little wonder that unlike the usual suspects like IPL or Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir was the most-spoken about person on Twitter and other sites. Fans are already blogging asking for more shows like this and less reality shows. Let's see if this show changes the trend.

Satyamev Jayate Aamir Khan

Check out some of the tweets:

Kiran Bedi: Aamir's Satyamevjayate on Star Plus is an expression of power of media+inherent potential of society in resolving its own created problems. I would give full marks to Amir Khan's TV Prog Satya Mev Jayate, very creative,evidence based and emotionally connecting, inspiring!

Amish Tripathi: Aamir Khan's satyamevjayate is a patriot's ode to all Indians. V can be better people. If u luv ur country, u will be d change u want 2 see.

Harsha Bhogle: if Aamir Khan provides the action promised satyamevjayate will truly succeed. for that action,we too have to be involved. sms for a start.

Shabana Azmi: Aamir Khans show can bring a revolution. Thoroughly researched covers all aspects touches emotional chord n forces us to reexamine ourselves.

Vir Das: Full respect for Aamir. Psuedo armchair pessimists always underestimate the power of awareness. Well intentioned, optimistic & much needed.

Mandira Bedi: A reality show in its truest sense. Some stirring & troubling realities of our times.. I applaud.

Shruti Haasan: Watching satyameva jayete along with everyone else methinks.

Preity Zinta: Watching Aamir Khan on Satyamev Jayate discussing Female Foeticide ! I love this effort from him & thank him as a Woman !

Mini Mathur: Aamir Khan I am so proud of you. You have put your stature to use in the most straight and compelling way. TV has woken up to a new era.

Kabir Khan: For an hour this morning. Television stopped being the idiot box.

Maria Goretti: An hour well spent watching `Satyameva Jayate`. Aamir Khan take a bow, poignant issues, heartfelt and emotional content TV never felt as good.

Mitali Chatterjee: The concept of Female Foeticide...needs every voice it can get .. thank you Amir #SatyamevJayate.

Jaydeep Sarkar: Bravo, Aamir Khan! Thank you for not wasting the nation`s time on game shows/ cultivating greed. THIS is how stardom should be used.

Dinesh Dasa: Aamir Khan is providing a best example of how stardom earned could be returned back 2 society 4 societal cause.

Poonam Pandey: SatyamevJayate reminds of the Sunday Time Slot whn use to watch Mahabharat as a teen evn by skipng some sunday mtchs Bravo "Aamir Khan"

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78  + 4 =     
himanshu  |  21-May-2012 11:39:57 IST
dowry is crime i accept it but stopping people from doing social marriage means killing those people who only get employment through this activity than what about them?and its also part of our culture
hemant gautam  |  21-May-2012 14:41:22 IST
i like the show very much.............Amir bro u r doing a great job.............................god bless you....all the best......
ROMESH GAKHAR  |  27-May-2012 22:16:02 IST
i like it very much salute to the show go head india with you every time god bless you one more thing in every nursing home and maximum private hospitals in side building medical store every month lot of money getting from medical store as a rent all the best
SANGITA  |  28-May-2012 12:00:25 IST
hi ,

my name is sangita I live in NEW ZEALAND , my opinion is a strong rules be pass for killing female child in mothers womb, as It is the ultimate rule , new zealand is very strict , they always welcome m/f child broadly , no discrimination , India must have same, the doctors who did they must be suspended immedaitely without hesitation
Child sexual abuse, a very strict rules be introduced for that as well

Thirdly DOWRY must be taken out from Indian society, We girls are not pupet, we have also our self respect, so the people who are asking for dowry thay must be punished, and sorry to say I been humilated for dowry as well

Every women must raise their voice.

I live in New zealand If you need any voluntary I am happy to serve and I am your greatest fan Amir , but I am really saluting you show it is really ausm
Kirti saluja  |  29-May-2012 13:08:06 IST
My mother wants to ask that sometime girls pretend to be tortured by their laws family but they are actually doing these non sense things with the purpose of getting money and sympathy of the society.So I just want ur opinion about these types of girl and some ways to tackle them.
lingaraj  |  20-Jun-2012 17:02:14 IST
muje apaka show bahut achha lata hai
SUDINDRA.M.KARKERA  |  12-Jul-2012 17:31:14 IST
I like this very much .Its an ossom show AAMIR SIR is doing an great job > But being an student of diploma i wanted AAMIR SIR to look into an cste scheme also bcoz what happens is that being an open cateogry student we suffer alot to get an admission into an engineering colleges & the same OBC student gets into an college college as per his choice with low percentage & also he gets 50% of his fee back & like us an open student we r in an great trouble pls AAMIR SIR look into this suggestion also pls sir pls.....
Thank You
ami  |  17-Aug-2012 13:12:19 IST
dis show is vry ausum.....
bt der s one more topic to discuss in the society "ABOUT EDUCATION NOWDAYZ TAKING BUSINESS PATH"
LOKESH R  |  19-Aug-2012 19:48:33 IST
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