Mahindra Reva NXR Review - Electric Car

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The Mahindra REVA NXR is a powerful four-seat, two-door hatchback family car which is packed with advanced features and technologies.

The Mahindra REVA NXR has the latest technology and the high end technology called REVive, which allows the driver to drive a little more far even if the battery of the car is empty and dead. This effort of implementing the technologies show that how much of effort has been put into it.

Speaking about the exterior of the Mahindra REVA NXR, the car is sure to turn the heads of many on the road. The size of the car is very small which will be a hassle free in terms of parking and in traffic. Even though the size of the car is been reduced, the  Mahindra REVA NXR provides ample and comfortable legroom and headroom for the occupant. 

Mahindra REVA NXR has other advanced telematics which can review the battery of the car and can also activate the  reserve amount of energy and protect the battery life.

Elucidating the Climate Control Seats in Mahindra REVA NXR, the car only uses only one tenth of the energy from the car. The solar roof panel of the Mahindra REVA NXR gives you almost 3,000 km per year of free and clean energy. . The turning radius of the Mahindra REVA NXR is 3.9 meters. 

The common features of Mahindra REVA NXR four variants are Intelligent Information System, Keyless entry, Regenerative braking, Rear Fog lamp, Rear Defogger, Digital display cluster, Electric Windows, Electrically adjustable side mirrors, Front Daytime Running lights, Dual SRS Airbags, Impact sensing door unlock and Double Din radio with 4 Speakers. 

Mahindra Reva NXR

Mahindra Reva NXR Price & Finance

Refundable deposit = Rs.100,000 
EMI Rs.8,003 x 36 months = Rs.288,108 
Govt. Subsidy = Rs.75,000 ( very important) 
Monthly running cost = Negligible 

3 models - std (331K)., AC (398K), classe (429K) - previous rates in bracket. 
Available in 11 countires. 
Also available with Mahindra dealers 
Mahindra owns 55.2% controlling stake 
A new 30,000 capacity assembly plant in Bangalore has reached completion.

Mahindra Reva NXR Details

No Petrol & Diesel 
No clutch & gears, auto transmission 
Zero emission 
Two door hatchback, back seat can be folded for luggage 
2 adults, 2 children 
Top speed: 65 kmph, range: 80 km. 
Pick up 0-40 in 7 sec. 
Turning radius 3.5 m 
6 colours - silver, white, black, red, blue & yellow. 
Safety - ARAI approved steel frames 
Dent resistant ABS body 

Mahindra Reva NXR Battery & Charging

48 v Lead Acid battery 
Runs 80KM if battery is fully charged 
100% charge - 8 Hrs. 
80% charge - 2.5 Hrs. 
Discharge - 2% per day, if it is ON & not running (i.e. in jam) 
Charging port installation for high-rise buildings 
Charge Gauge ( red warns, speed decreases, AC switches off ) 

Mahindra Reva NXR Future

Upcoming models NXR (top speed 104 KM) & NXG (top speed 130 KM) will launch in 2012 & 2013. 
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Ra  |  16-Aug-2012 21:44:20 IST
What is the launching date in Tamilnadu. Please inform for booking
Ra  |  16-Aug-2012 21:45:44 IST
When REVA NXG is going to be launched and what may be the price as it can cover more distance at a single full charge.
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