The Features of Citroen Leasing

By: Danielle Evans | Views: 1590 | Date: 15-Feb-2011

How leasing a Citroen can be a cost effective way of owning a brand new car and is a good alternative to purchasing outright.

Citroen was founded in 1919 and was the first manufacturerto mass produce cars outside the USA, Citroen quickly became Europe’s biggestcar manufacturer, going forward to be one of the biggest in the world. 

Today there are lots of ways to buy a new Citroen withouthaving to find a big deposit or the full amount upfront.  You can get a loan, arrange to finance yournew Citroen with a balloon payment at the end or there is Citroen Leasing.    

Car leasing is becoming an increasingly popular way ofrunning a brand new vehicle and has lots of advantages.  Firstly most Citroen Lease deals only requirea small upfront deposit of three or six monthly payments in advance.  This leaves you to keep your money in yourpocket and to spend it on things that you really need.  Road tax is normally included for theduration of your Citroen Lease deal which means that you never have to worryabout finding the cash for your road tax or queuing up in a busy post office inyour lunch hour.

Because your Citroen is brand new, your car will be underwarranty for the duration of your Citroen Car Leasing agreement; this meansthat you don’t have to worry if anything should go wrong.  RAC cover is part of your warranty and if youdo break down you will be supplied with a hire vehicle whilst your car is beingrepaired.  You can even choose to take amaintenance plan with your Citroen Car Lease, this would cover the cost ofanything wearable throughout your agreement including tyres, brakes andservicing

Citroen Leasing is a cost effective way of running a car,monthly payments are very competitive and Citroen have a huge range of cars tochoose from on Car leasing agreements, available for both personal users andbusiness users.  Low emissions areavailable on most models ensuring business users will pay the minimal benefitin kind tax and for personal users low fuel costs and loads of miles pergallon.

The Citroen C1 is a great young person’s first car and isreally economical to run with great insurance costs, you can get a really competitiveCitroen Leasing deal by shopping around. The Citroen C3 is a great second family car, cheap to run and availablein petrol and diesel models.  The CitroenC4 is a great family car and comes with a whole range of options for theultimate drive, the Citreon C5 is a fantastic executive vehicle.  There is a vast array of engines to choosefrom both manual and automatic, there are also lots of derivatives to choosefrom ensuring that you Citroen Lease deal will contain every option you need.  If it is a seven seated car you require lookno further than the C4 Grand Picasso or the vast Citroen C8. 

Citroen also offer a great range of commercial vehicles thatare also extremely economical, from the mini Citroen Nemo, the Citroen Berlingoto the spacious Citroen Dispatch. offers the most up to date Car Leasing information and CitroenCar leasing specifications and prices.

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