List of Top Chemical Companies in Kolkata

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We have provided complete list of top chemical companies in Kolkata. We have listed total 24 chemical companies in Kolkata.

The chemical industry comprises the companies that produce industrial chemicals. Central to the modern world economy, it converts raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals) into more than 70,000 different products. If you think any major chemical company of Kolkata is missing in our list, please comment below this page to improve this Top Chemical Company List of Kolkata.

List of Chemical Companies in Kolkata

Top Chemical Companies in Kolkata | List Chemical Companies of Kolkata


Address: ae-93/1, rabindrapally, talbagan, kestopur Kolkata-700101
Phone Number: 3325915489


Address: 233/3, Gopal Lal Tagore Road,Kolkata - 700036
Phone Number: 3325778772

Poddar Pigments Ltd

Address: 26, Mangalam Bldg, Block B, 2nd Flr, Room No 202,Hemanta Bose Sarani,, Lal Bazar Street Kolkata-700001
Phone Number: (33) 22318147 22318148

Fogla Group

Address: 21 Princep street, 2nd Floor Kolkata-700072
Phone Number: (33) 22363055

Bond Chem India Pvt Ltd

Address: 59, Biplabi Anukul Chandra Street Kolkata-700072
Phone Number: (33) 22157528 22157529

Bengal Poly Resins Pvt Ltd

Address: 9A, Esplanade East, 2nd Floor Kolkata-700069
Phone Number: (33) 22483613 22487030

Wacker Metroark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Address: D.H.Road, Chandi ,24 Parganas (S) Kolkata-743503
Phone Number: (33) 24072100

Sika India Pvt.Ltd.

Address: Commercial Complex II,620 Diamold Harbour Road Kolkata-700034
Phone Number: (33) 24472448

Structural Water Proofing Co Pvt Ltd

Address: Block Gn,Sec-V,38/1, Sech Kolkata-700091
Phone Number: (33) 23574798

Sitaram Saraf

Address: 86 Raja Basant Roy Road, 1st Floor Kolkata-700029
Phone Number: (33) 24630168 24630169

PMC Rubber Chemicals India Pvt Ltd

Address: 103 G T Road West,PO : Rishra 712248,Hooghly Kolkata-712248
Phone Number: (33) 26724734

NLC Nalco India Ltd

Address: 20A, Park Street Kolkata-700016
Phone Number: (33) 22172494 22172066

Nilachal Refractories Ltd

Address: 30 - D Block, Jawarharlal Nehru Road Kolkata-700016
Phone Number: (33) 22496507

Nalco Chemical India Ltd

Address: 20/A Park Street Kolkata-700016
Phone Number: (33) 22172494

Lords Chemicals Ltd

Address: 48A, Park Street, 5th Floor Kolkata-700016
Phone Number: (33) 22904411

Kontest Chemicals Ltd

Address: 620, Diamond Harbour Road, Commercial Complex-II Behala Kolkata-700034
Phone Number: (33) 24450877 ,24450844

Jayshree Chemicals Ltd

Address: 31,2 nd Flr, Nr Park St Metro Stn,above Bazaar Kolkata, Chowringhee Road, Park Street
Phone Number: (33) 22498244 ,22656271-8 06811 - 254319 254329

Chandras Chemical Enterprises Pvt Ltd (PC Chandra Group)

Address: P-35 C.I.T. Road Kolkata-700014
Phone Number: (33) 22656286 22656287 22658195 22498194


Address: Vanijya Bhavan, International Trade Facilitation Center, 3rd Floor, 1/1 Wood Street, Kolkata-700016
Phone Number: (33) 22891723 22891721

Auropol India Pvt Ltd

Address: 67, Humayun Kabir Sarani,Block-G, New Alipore, Kolkata-700053
Phone Number: (33) 24989792

Arvind Chemicals Ltd

Address: 15, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,2nd Floor, Kolkata-700013
Phone Number: (33) 22368504

Allied Resins & Chemicals Ltd

Address: 13, Camac Street, Kolkata-700017
Phone Number: (33) 22832865

Himadri Chemicals & Industries Ltd

Address: 8th Floor, 23A Netaji Subhas Road Kolkata-700001
Phone Number: (33) 22104264 22104264

Phillips Carbon Black Ltd

Address: 31, N. S. Road Kolkata-700001
Phone Number: (33) 22308515 22309281

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Abhiruk Dutta  |  18-Jun-2016 00:17:16 IST
looking for A chemist job , qf : Bsc chemistry with 60% of Marks , can Make Formulation easily
Tania  |  13-Jul-2016 23:39:12 IST
Looking for a chemist job in kolkata. I want to know, Where these companies give ad for the vacancies of fresher chemist?
santanu Patra  |  22-Aug-2016 00:28:49 IST
post graduate in chemistry,,l want to a job.
Atin Pratap Arora  |  30-Jan-2017 18:04:27 IST
Dear All,We are A Recruiting Company by The Name Of CresT ResourceS ,Re-Sourcing The Future Generations for almost 2 decades,in Kolkata.We are Urgently looking for Experienced Marketing Candidates From CHEMICAL Background, who have knowledge in THE CHEMICAL Field.The Candidates Needs To Travel Overseas For The Marketing Of The Products. & should Have Valid Passport. This Offer is For A Renowned Multi-National Group In Kolkata.If Interested Please mail your respective CVS to please mention your current Ctc with break up & take home Salary in your CV.We will get in touch with you & give you more details on the offer.Warm Regards The CresT Team!!
RATHUN SARKAR  |  11-Aug-2017 14:00:59 IST
I passed msc in chemistry, specialisation in organic chemistry, want to enjoy in synthesis.give me scope?
Sunil Sahu  |  24-Aug-2017 10:50:33 IST
look job production engineering, i have one year experience in pesticides &herbicide industries.
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