List of Polymer Manufacturers in India

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A Brief List of Polymer Manufacturers In India along with list of products being manufactured by Top Polymer Manufacturers.

Polymer Manufacturers

A Brief List of Polymer Manufacturers In India along with list of products being manufactured by Top Polymer Manufacturers.

Polymer Manufacturers India

Perfect Polymers
They are manufacturers of extruded rods, extruded sheets/ flat strips, cast nylon rods, cast nylon tubes & pipes, cast nylon sheets, cast nylon squares, polyacetal rods, polyacetal sheets/ flat strips, polyacetal square rods, acrylic sheets and thermoplastic polyurethane films.

Unimers India Ltd. 
They are manufacturers of ethylene propylene(diene)rubber, a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and a non conjugated diene.

Anand Polymers 
Manufacturers and exporters of plastic master batches such as white master batches, color master batches, black master batches, additive masterbatches and polymer compounds.

Aquapharm was incorporated in 1977. Their product range include basic chemicals like Phosphonates, Biocides and low molecular weight polymers and also offer water treatment chemicals and services.

Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd. 
Bhansali Engineering Polymers Limited - Engaged in manufacture & supply of ABS polymers(resins) used as a raw material in automobile, home appliances, telecommunication, luggage, bus body and other components.

The company has stated in 1992 with a view to meet requirements in construction chemicals such as epoxy, polymers & polyurethane and offering services related to them.

Essen Multipack Ltd. 
Essen Multipack Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, manufactures a wide variety of polyethylene films, in mono and multi layer structures.

Excel Polymers 
Manufacturers of PVC film products like laminated PVC film and rigid PVC film for dry flowers packaging, blister packaging for pharmaceutical industry and automobile spare packaging.

Formulated Polymers Ltd. 
They are suppliers of polymers such as polypropylene, polyamide, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyacetal, poly butylene terephthalate and styrene acrylonitrile.

Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. 
They manufactures ethylene, propylene, polypropylene, polymers & chemicals.

Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd. 
Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd. is a joint venture company with ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers S. P. A. of Itly, is a name, which has become synonymous with the finest Chemicals for Leather industry - Internationally.

Horizon Polymer Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 
Horizon Polymer Engineering Private Limited are one of the leading manufacturers in India of a complete range of Corrosion Resistant Products namely PP, PVDF, PTFE, PFA, and FEP Lined Pipes, Fittings, Sight Flow Indicators, Bellows, Hoses, Pumps and Valves.

Inyech Orchem Pvt. Ltd. 
They manufacture and export styrene-acrylic, purely acrylic, vinyl-acrylic and purely vinyl emulsion polymers. The manufacturing unit is located in Vapi(Gujarat, India).

Kamsons Chemicals Pvt.Ltd 
Kamsons Chemicals Pvt.Ltd., incorporated in 1974, is one of the leading manufacturers of acrylic resins and emulsions in the country. They produce a wide array of acrylic polymers to cater to construction, paper, textile, paint and leather industry.

M.K.Petro Products India Pvt. Ltd. 
M K Petro - anti corrosion coatings, pipeline coatings manufacturer, anti corrosion pipeline coatings, anti corrosion coatings exporter, pipeline corrosion coatings India, Manufacturers and Exporters of waterproofing products, pipeline coating products, bituminous compounds, waterproofing membrane, anti corrosive products, fibre glass insulation products, pipeline corrosion protection products etc.

Marudhar Paints and Polymers. 
Marudhar Paints & Polymers, Jodhpur was Started by  Shri K.L. Mathur in 1982,who did B.Tech in year 1955 from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur.

Meron Bio Polymers 
Manufactures natural biopolymers like agar, chitin and chitosan.

Monarch was established in the year 1978. The founder of this unit is one of the pioneers in self adhesive tapes and was associated earlier with multinational company, J&J in Q.A and R&D.

Neel Chem 
Neel Chem (India) is India's largest manufacturer and Exporter of Poly Aluminium Chloride. The core competency around which the company is structured is the technology and know-how to manufacture Poly Aluminium Chloride with a production capacity of 24,000 TPA.

Newgen Specialty Plastics 
They are exporters and manufacturers of industrial polymer compounds, flame retardant compounds and masterbatches.

Nikhil Adhesives Ltd.
Nikhil Adhesives Ltd - Supplying & exporting adhesives, polymers and dispersions used in various industrial sector such as cigarette, paints, textile, Furniture and packaging industry.

Polyols & Polymers. 
Polyols & Polymers - Manufacturers of various synthetic resins, ketonic resins for printing ink, ball point pen ink, laquers, varnishes and paints industries.

Power Additives 
Power group made a humble beginning in 1990 with the formation of Powerstab Products, a small step towards meeting global standards in the field of Polymer Additives.

Rand Polyproducts Pvt. Ltd.
Rand Polyproducts Private Limited is one of India's renowned manufacturer and exporter of Specialty Polymer Resins.

Rand PolyProducts Pvt. Ltd. 
Rand PolyProducts Pvt. Ltd are one of the manufacturers of Specialty Polymer Resins reputed for innovative products, consistent product quality, prompt & reliable delivery and responsive technical service.

Resadh Groups. 
Resadh Groups - Manufacturers of custom developed adhesives and resins.

Rishabh Metals & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd 
Rishabh Metals & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is a diversified company manufacturing a range of specialty chemicals and water soluble polymers for applications in various industry segments.

Roop Automotives Ltd. 
Roop Group of Companies made a beginning in 1973 under the able Leadership of Late Sh.M. G. jain with Roop Rubber Mills since re-christened Roop Polymers Ltd. (Rubber Moulding Division) are today proud of their growth in the field of automobile components with the addition of Roop Automotives Ltd. & Roop Polymers Ltd.

Roto Polymers and Chemicals 
Manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Epoxy Resins (basic & formulated), Epoxy Polymers, curing agents and high performance phenolic resins.

RSA Industries Pvt. Ltd. 
RSA Industries Pvt. Ltd are manufacturers of textile chemicals and specialty polymers including sizing polymers, desizing & scouring products, printing thickeners, dyeing additives, printing additives, finishing chemicals and garment processing products.

Sai Group 
Mallak Adhesives & Polymers (MAP) is a technology driven company dedicated to provide versatile quality products at unbeatable prices to suit individual client requirements.

Sanmar Group 
Sanmar group is one of the largest industrial groups in South India. These include an ability to source, develop and assimilate the best technologies in the world.

SK Formulations 
SK Formulations was established in 1995 by polymer experts with sound research background and rich experience in polymeric based specialty formulations.

Synpol, the logo of the company derived its name from Synthetics & Polymer Industries, then a partnership company, established in 1964, with a view to develop and market import substitute products in the Indian market.

Transpek Industry Ltd. 
Transpek Industry Limited was set up in 1965 initially for manufacturing Transparent Acrylic Sheets. They are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a range of chemicals servicing the requirements of customers from a diverse range of industries - Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Polymers, etc.

Tuff Coat Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
They take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Quality Industrial Paint Manufacturer. The company 'TUFF COATS'

Valia Impex Pvt. Ltd. 
They are manufactures of Valia Impex Pvt. Ltd., linear polyethylene and PVC suspension resins.

Wriston Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Wriston Polymers Private Limited - Manufacturer and exporter of high quality custom molded rubber products like rubber o rings, gaskets, bellows, grommets and seals.

Xpro India Ltd.
Producers of BOPP films, stretch wrap films, soft blister films, cast polypropylene films, hygiene films, embossed or plain films, coextruded plastic sheets, synthetic resins, thermoset molding materials and cotton yarn.

Zydex Industries 
Zydex product range includes Textile chemicals, Textile polymers, Speciality polymers, Sizing polymers, Printing thickeners, Finishing chemicals, Printing additives and Dyeing additives.

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