What Is Vapor Degreasing & How Does A Vapor Degreaser Work

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Vapor degreasers come in different sizes and amps usage and one needs to explore all the available options to make the right pick. Don’t hesitate to ask the supplier about the sensor controls as this will let you know whether you are making the right choice or not.

Vapor degreasing is a standard procedure in which effective cleaning of a substance using a special solvent is made. Some of the common things that are usually degreased involve organic residues including oils and grease. A vapor degreasing chamber is aptly sized to hold all the parts that are going to pass through the cleaning process. Most of the degreasing units come equipped with manual spray wands that make it easy to spray the solvent directly onto those stubborn greases and oils.

Standard Features Of A Vapor Degreased Explained

Most of the vapor degreasers available in the market come loaded with some common features:

A good vapor degreaser is known for its freeboard ratio. With this it is going to be assured that the diffusion losses end up being minimal.

As far as the safety element is concerned, the vapor degreaser that comes with a manually operated sliding cover is considered to be the best as it controls the overhead air turbulences.

Another important element that needs to be present in the vapor degreaser that one picks is a water separator. This water separator is required for continuous removal of condensed atmospheric moisture from the entire system.

The countertop or the complete body of the vapor degreaser should be made up of stainless steel as this promise long time and convenient usability.

The high quality degreasers usually come with a high vapor sensor whose primary function is to disables the heater and give signals to the operators when the vapor is about to reach an unsafe height.

In some degreasers there are also present high solvent temperature sensors. These sensors carefully monitor the temperature in the boiler chamber and advises when the solved used to degrease are is to be replaced.

Low solvent control is also present in the degreasers. This indicates that the solvent level has gone below the prescribed limit and need to be refilled again.

Start up button is going to assure that the degreaser starts working with the push of a single button and does not take much time.

All these are the basic components present in most of the vapor degreasers available in the market.

Different Types Of Vapor Degreasers

Depend on the type of vapor degreasing to be performed; the vapor degreasers are divided into various categories. One is the vapor degreaser that comes in the form of a vapor immersion unit. In the other one the solvent is boiled at the bottom of the vapor degreaser to perform degreasing.

Both these types of vapor degrease equipments work in the similar; the basic difference lies in the way the grease is treated. There are primarily three different types of solvents used in the vapor degreasers, trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene and methylene chloride.

The type of overall construction that the vapor degreaser has, the kind of solvent used and the materials subjected to degreasing determine the efficiency of vapor degreasers. The ones who plan to buy a vapor degreaser need to check the construction and kind of solvent used carefully, as this is one fine way to make an ideal pick.

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