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Do not see interviews as the chance; think it as an opportunity to present you to a company. It is a chance for you to prove yourself in front of the interviewer, so you should come with full preparation of questions you need answers. You can search for the company profile.

Do not see interviews as the chance; think it as an opportunity to present you to a company. It is a chance for you to prove yourself in front of the interviewer, so you should come with full preparation of questions you need answers. You can search for the company profile. Also gather the latest information on that company. If want all information about the company then a good option is to check their website which may have more background information.
If you want to do well at the interview, you will need to convince the interviewer that you are technically qualified to do the job. The job interview tips covered most job interview tips and also covered lots of things which we have to avoid during interview. Here are some Do's and Don'ts while interview:

Preparation and confidence - Preparation and confidence are very important tips. Good preparation always creates confidence. So the important thing to an interview is to be well prepared.
In this you have to consider two things:
• You must prepare yourself practically for the interview.
• You have to gather information which is useful during the interview.
Checklist - While going to interview you must consider the following things:
• You have to confirm about the time, date and location of the interview and name of interviewee where appropriate.
• You have to plan to get there no earlier than half an hour before the interview time.
• You must ready with your dress which is professional.
• Concentrate on the interview at the interview.
• If you are asked to bring certificates, references etc., get them ready before the day. Your interview letter must be with you.
• On arrival ensure the receptionist knows you are there.
Be on time! Public transport may be useless if the traffic is heavy. Always keep in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So be on time at the particular location of interview. Also if you are there so early, you can wait nearby cafe of shop. And if you are going to be late, then best option is call them.
Be Prepared! Preparation means not only preparation of your syllabus etc. but also look at the company’s website and learns something about the company before you attend your interview.
Write down and practice possible questions! If you collect the job interview sample questions and practice for it then it will make easy to remember when you get to the interview. Use the third person when talking about the job. Avoid sounding as though you assume the job is yours. It is fine to ask about the package on offer and accommodation - living in and living out are particularly relevant. Do not forget to find out if the company will guarantee a resort or chalet - many will only allocate you a country. You could also try a fewer more testing questions such as how they differentiate themselves from their competitors or what they think the toughest/hardest part of the job is.
Following are the points which we have to avoid during the interview:

As we have to consider the positive things while interview, also we have to consider the worst interview blunders.
Not preparing for the interview:
Keep in mind that preparation always increases confidence. So do not face the interview without preparation. You cannot communicate without pre-interview research.
Showing up late or too early:
One of the first lessons in job-search is to show up on time for interviews. Many job seekers do not realize that showing up too early often creates a poor first impression. Arriving more than 10 minutes early for an interview shows that the job seeker has too much time on his or her hands. Always remember that your time is as valuable as the interviewer's. Always arrive on time, but never more than 10 minutes early.
Poor handshake:
In every place handshaking matters a lot. With the help of handshaking anyone can judge your personality. The shake hand starts the interview and that is your first opportunity to create a great impression. If you have delivered a poor handshake, it is impossible for you to recover it. Here are some examples:
• The limp hand gives the impression of disinterest or weakness.
• Only tips of the fingers shows lack of ability to engage.
• The arm pump shows overly aggressive salesman.
Your handshake may be telling more about you than you know. Ask about your handshaking to your friends who are not afraid to tell you the truth.
Treating the receptionist rudely:
The first person you meet on an interview is a receptionist. The receptionist has the power to say about your positive or negative points before you even set eyes on the interviewer. The interviewer may also solicit the receptionist's opinion of you after you leave.
Talking too much:
Talking too much always creates a problem. To avoid over-talking, practice answering questions in a direct manner. Avoid nervous talking by preparing for your interview with role-play.
Talking negatively about current or past employers/managers:
The fastest way to talk yourself out of a new job is to say negative things. Even if your last boss was not good, never state your ill feelings about him/her. No matter how reasonable your complaints, you will come out the loser if you show that you disrespect your boss because the interviewer will assume that you would similarly trash him or her. When faced with the challenge of talking about former employers, make sure you are prepared with a positive spin on your experiences.

Asking about benefits, vacation time or salary:
Do not ask about the benefits, vacation time or salary during the first interview. Wait until you have won the employer over before beginning that discussion.
Verbal ticks:
The first signs of nervousness are verbal ticks. We all have them from time to time "umm," "like," "you know." You can also sometimes avoid verbal ticks by pausing for a few seconds to gather your thoughts before each response.
To reduce the verbal ticks practice for sharing your best success stories ahead of time, and you will feel more relaxed during the real interview.
Not enough/too much eye contact:
Eye contact shows your confidence but it may happen that it creates a negative effect also. Avoid eye contact and you will seem shifty, untruthful, or disinterested.
If you sometimes have trouble with eye-contact balance, work this issue out ahead of time in an interview practice session with a friend.
Failure to match communication styles:

It is almost impossible to make a good first impression if you can not communicate effectively with an interviewer. But you can easily change that situation.
Following points will help to you.
• If the interviewer seems all business, then you must be behave like business.
• If the interviewer is personable, try discussing his/her interests.
• If the interviewer asked a direct question, answer directly.
Allowing the interviewer to set the tone of conversation can vastly improve your chances of making a favorable impression.
Final Thoughts:

Just as a strong resume wins you an opportunity to interview, strong interview skills will win you consideration for the job. You already know that you won't earn an interview unless your resume sets you apart as a candidate of choice.
Start your job search with a resume that creates a stellar first impression.


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