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This article summarizes on the usage of Resume templates. and it also specifies what are the important points to be remember while writing a resume.And How to use a resume template as a sample when you are writing a resume.

          As every body Know a Resume is a firstcommunication tool that represents our selfin front of interviewer that represents our skills & academicabilities. So we must take care while writing a resume. Resumetemplates  can help if your resume needswriting or rewriting. It's always useful to review resume templatesand samples when you are writing your resume, so you can get an ideaof what a resume should (and could) look like.

Use a resume template orsample as a starting point to write your own resume. Add yourinformation to the resume template, then tweak and edit it topersonalize your resume, so it highlights your skills and abilities.

The following resumetemplate lists the information you need to included in your resume.Use the resume template to generate a list of information to includeon your resume.


  1. ContactInformation:- The firstsection of your resume should include your contact information. Sothat the employer can contact you easily.

    First Name,Last Name

    Street address, Zip Code

    Contact Nos.

           Email address.

     2.  Objective:-This section describe what do you want to do? It also describe aboutyour employment goals. A customized objective can describe why areyou perfect for the job that you are applying.

    3. Career Highlights/Qualification:- A customized sectionof your resume that lists key achievements, skills, traits, andexperience relevant to the position for which you are applying canserve dual purposes. It highlights your relevant experience and letsthe prospective employer know that you have taken the time to createa resume that shows how you are qualified for the job.

   4.Experience:- This section includesyour work job history. List the companies you worked for,date ofemployment,experience,the position you held & the bulleted listof the responsibilities and achievement.





Responsibilities/ Achievements

   5. Education:- In theeducation section you include the colleges you attended & thedegree you have studied & the special awards you have achieved.

   6. Skills:-Include skills that your are applying for the job. i.e Computerskills or Programming languages. List only those that you are perfectin that.

   7. Personal Information:- Inthis section you may include your personal informational. Like yourDate Of Birth, your Passport Number,Languages you may know,YourHobbies. Etc.

   8. References availableupon your request:- Thissection is optional. You may list the references on a separate listof paper. You may give it if they ask by an employer.

        By studying from the above mention points you canwrite a good resume. So that their may be the chance of getting hiredby the company.

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