List of Arts Colleges in Mumbai

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In order to guide the students and aid them as they seek admissions into various Arts colleges across Mumbai, we have tried to list different good colleges and their others information details.

Subjects under Arts or Social Sciences include Sociology, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Religions, Culture, Visual art, Performing art, Sculptural art and Literature.

Talking in terms of their nature, they are non scientific, have nothing to do with business or economics and they are not part of science and technology. They are the part of education, or concerning areas of knowledge that give leaner a refined sense of knowing, thinking, and feeling. Scholars working in humanities are sometimes described as ‘humanists’.  The humanities are those academic fields which study the human situation, using methods that are largely analytical, critical and speculative.

At IIT Mumbai, the department of humanities and social sciences was founded in 1958. At present, the department offers education in five fields, namely, Economics, English, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. is now granted a Five Star status by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Another famous Arts college, SNDT Women's University was established for the cause of women's empowerment by equipping them with education, mainly higher education in the areas of relevant courses in the formal and professional fields.
An admission to Arts colleges opens up a whole new world of chance for the students.

Courses and Eligibility:

Bachelor of Arts: Duration 3 years
Eligibility:  Person should have passed 12th in the concerned subject with good marks from a recognized university.
Master of Arts: Duration 2 years,
Eligibility: Person should have done Bachelor of Arts in the concerned subject with good marks from a recognized university.

In order to guide the students and aid them as they seek admissions into various Arts colleges across Mumbai, we have tried to list different good colleges and their others information details.

 Name & Address First Year BA Sec. Year BA  Third Year BA
 Burhani College
Nesbit Rd.,
Mazagaon, Mumbai- 10
 A. Arab / Urdu / Guj / Hin / Mar
B. Arb / Urdu / Guj /
Eng Guj / Hin / Mar with
Hist-Geo, Hist-Psy, Hist-Socio
 A. Mass Comm/ Bus.Comm
/ Advt. / BK & ACC
B. Arabic, English, Hindi,
Urdu, History, Economics,
Islamic Studies,
Sociology, Psychology,
 A. Eng/Hin/Arab/
B. Three papers groups from the Combination offered in
F.Y. & S.Y. B.A.
1. One Lang.One Social Sc
2. Two Social Sc
 Bhausaheb Vartak Arts,
Sc.& Commerce

Sheth Kanji V.Parekh Arts,
Commerce Junior College,

Near M.H.B.Colony,
Goraj Road, Borivali(W) Mumbai-50
 A. Eco-Pol / Geo-Psy
/ Socio
B. Mar / Hin / Guj
 B. BK/Bus Comm/ Advt.  A. Eco / Socio / Pol. Sc
B. Eco / Pol.Sc / Psy / Socio
 Bhavan’s Hazarimal Somani
College of Arts

K.M.Munshi Marg,
Chowpatty,Mumbai- 7
Phone No :-3691136 /1508
 A. Any three from
B. Eco/His/Sank/Mar
C. Socio/Comm
D. Psy/Pol.Sc
E. Mar/Eng/Hin/Hin
 B. BK/BC/MC  A. Eng/Eco/Hist
B. Two subjects from Eco,
His, Socio, Pol, Psy, Phil,
Eng,Mar, Sank, Comm
 Bhavan’s College
Munshi Nagar,
Andheri, Mumbai- 58
Tel. No. 56970066/21/22/23
Fax: 56964930
 A. Eco-Phil / Psy / Pol /
Hin / Mar / Guj/ Pol /
Geo-Eng Hin / Mar /
Guj Eco-His-Phil / Psy /
Pol / Geo / Eng / Hin /
Mar / Guj
B. Hin/Mar/Guj
 B. Inv.Anal /
Gandh Bus.Comm /
Comp.Rel Pop.Stud
 A. Eco / His / Eng / Phil

B. Eco-Hin / Pol
/ MarHis-Pol /
Hin / Mar /
Guj Hin / Mar / Guj
 Cosmopolitan Enducation
Socety College
of Arts & Commerce
 D.G.Ruparel College of Arts,
Science & Commerce

Opp.Matunga Rd.,
St. (W.R.) Senapati Bapat Marg,
Mahim , Mumbai-1
 Mar/Hin Psy-Phill-His/Pol/
Lit Mar/Ehg-Psy-His
Geo Eco-Pol/Lit
/Geo His/stats  
History/ Philosophy
/Marathi /English/Book Keeping/ Mass Communication/
Health Psychology/
Elementary Quantitative Techniques
 A. BK / Mass Comm/
Health Psy Pop.stud/
Comp Prog.
 A. Eco/Mar/Phil Psy/Eng
B. Eco-Pol.Sc Eco-His,
Eco-Stats, Phill-Psy,
Mar-Psy, Mar-His, Eng-His,Psy,
Computer Sc./
History Economic Thought/
Philosophy/ Psychology
 Elphistone College,
156, M.G. Road,
Fort, Mumbai- 32.
Principal :+91-022-22843797
Office : +91-022-22844060
Fax: : +91-022-22843797 
 A. Mar / Pol / Comm-AIC/
Phil / Socio / Fre Hin /
Psy / Eco / Mar/ Pol /
Comm-AIC / Phil /
Socio.Fre.Eng Stats /
Geo / Ger Mar / Pol /
Comm- AIC / Phil / Socio/
Fre-His /Maths /
Sank AIC/ Phil / Socio /
Fre Hin / Psy / Eco-Eng /
Stats / Geo / Ger His /
Maths /Sank
 B. Pub.Rel / Gandh / Mass Comm / Comp.Rel / Travel & Tour / Int.Law / Pop.Stud / Comp. Prog / Psy of Adj  Eng / Hin / Fre / Eco /
Socio / Phil / Hist /
AIC / Geo / Mar /
Sank / Ger
 G.E. Society’s,
Dr. T.K. Tope Arts & Comm.
Night College

C/o. R.M. Bhatt High School,
2nd Floor, Gokhale Soc.
Lane, Parel Mumbai- 12
 A. Eco-Pol.Sc / Mar  B. Advt  A. Eco / Pol.Sc / Mar
 Guru Nanak College of Arts,
Science & Commerce

Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar,
Mumbai- 37
Tel.:  2407 1098
Fax: 2401 3273      
 A. Eco-Pol-His-Hin
(any three)
B. Hind/Mar
 B. Mass Comm/
Pop Stud
 Eco / Hist / Pol Sc /
Hin (three/six units)
 I.Y. College of Arts,
Science & Commerce

Jogeshwari (E),
Mumbai- 60
 A. Any 3 of given below
1. Mar / Guj / Urdu
2. Hin / Arab
3.Eng / Por / Sank / Maths
4. Eco / Phil
5. Pol / AIC
6. His / Isl Stud
7. Psy / socio
8. Mar / Hin / Guj /
Urdu / Sank / Per / Arab           
 B. Advt. / Mass Comm Gen Intro/Pop Stud  A. Eng / Mar / Urdu /
Guj / Hin/Soc.Sci / Eco /
His / Pop.Sc
B. Arb / Per / Soc.Sci / Phil / AIC
C. Sank /Soc.Sci / Psy /
Socio / Islam Cul / Mar
 Jai Hind College J.T. Lalvani
College of Commerce
23-24, Backbay Reclamation ‘A’ Road,
Mumbai- 20

Jai Hind College,
Admissions Office,
"A" Road, Churchgate
Mumbai - 400 020
Telephone : 22041095 / 0256
Fax : 22886483
Email :
 A. Eco-Comm / Pol / Phil /
His (any Two) Eco / Pol
/ Phil / His (any Two)
Psy / Pol / Phil /
His (any Two) Eng / Guj Psy
/ Pol / Phil /
Hist (any Two) Eng / Guj
 B. Travel & Tour /
Advt / Jour /
Wom Stud
/ Psy of Adj BK
 A. Eco / Eng / Psy

B. Eng-His /
Phil / Psy/ Eco-Comm /
P ol His-Phil /
Psy / Pol Psy-Phil
 Kishinchand Chellaram College
124, Dinshaw Wachha Road,
Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020
Tel: 91-22-2285 5726, 2202 0132
Fax: 91-22-2202 9092
 A. Eco-Com / His-Pol Sc.
/ Hin / Fre / Stat /
Socio Hist-AIC / Eco /
Eng Pol / Socio / Hin /
Fre Psy-Socio / Hin /
Fre AIC / Eng
 A. Eco-Com /
His-Pol Sc. / Hin /
Fre / Stat /
Socio Hist-AIC /
Eco / Eng Pol / Socio /
Hin / Fre Psy-Socio /
Hin / Fre AIC / Engs
 A. Eco/Socio/His/

B. Eco.Comm/Social/
Hist/Stat Hist/AIC Psy-AIC/
Socio AIC-Socio/Hin
 Khalsa College Kings
Matunga, Mumbai - 400019
Tel: +(91)-(22)-24096234,24096635
Fax: +(91)-(22)-24016815
 A. Eco-His/Maths-Phil/
Stats Eco-His/Maths-Eng/
Hin Eco-Hin/Maths-Mar
/Guj/Fre/Pun Hist/
Guj/Fre/Pun Phil/
Stats-Eng/ Hin-Mar/
B. Hin/Pun/Mar/Guj/ Fre
 B. Invest Anal/
Travel &Tour
 A. Eco/His/Phil/

B. Eco-His
/Phil/ Hin/Eng/Mar His-Phil
/Hin/Eng/Mar Phil-Hin/
Eng/Mar Eng/Mar
 Kelkar Education Trusts
Vinayak Vaze College of Arts,
Sci. & Commerce,

Mithanagar Road,
Mulund (E), Mumbai- 81
phone 21631421, 21631423
 A. Eco-Pol / Socio-Psy /
His / Mar / Eng /
Hin Eco-Psy-Mar /
Eng Eco / Pol-His-Mar / Eng /
His Pol-Psy-Mar/
Eng/Hin Socio-His/
B. Mar/Hind
 B. Health Psy/ Journ/
Mkt.Res/ Advt.
 A. Eco/Socio/His/ Pol/Mar/
B. His-Pol/Mar/Hin/
Eng/Psy Pol-Mar/Eng /Psy
/Hin Psy-Mar/Eng Socio-Hin
 Kirti College of Arts,
Science & Commerce
Kashinath Dhuru Rd.
Off Veer Savarkar Marg,
Near Agar Bazar,
Dadar Mumbai-28
 A. Eco/Hin/Psy Pol.Sc/
Mar/Eng/ Rul.Dev-His/
Geo/ Phill/Sank
B. Mar/Hin
 B. Comp Rel/Intro Law/Journ  A. Pol.Sc/His/Ru. Dev /
Mar / Eco / Geo /
Eng / Sank / Hin

B. His-Pol.SC /
Ru. Dev Mar / Phil-Mar /
Sank Mar / Sank-Hin
 L.S. Raheja College of
Arts & Commerce

Juhu Road, Santa Cruz (West),
Mumbai – 400 054
Office : 2660 9320
BMS : 2660 7391
Personal : 02230 926003
Fax : 2660 6806
Website :
 A. 1 Hist/Socio/ Psy2 Comm
/Socio/Psy3 Eco/Hist/
B. Mar/Guj/Hin
 B. BK/Psych Adj/
Advt/ Quant. Tech
 A. Entire Eco/ Socio

B. Socio/Psy Hist/Socio Comm
/Eco Hist/Psy
 Laxmi Education Socety’s
Sheth L.U. Javeri College of Arts
& Sir M.V. College of Science
& Commerce

Dr.S Radhakrishnan Marg,
Andheri, Mumbai-69
 A. Eco-Pol-Socio/His/Psy His
/Psy-Socio-Phil/Eng /
Mar/Guj/Hin Socio/Phil Eng
B. Mar/Guj/Hin/Kan
 B. Gen.Law/Invest anal/
Psy of Adj/
Mass C;omm/ Pop. Stud/
 A. Eco/socio/Pol

B. Eco/His-Pol/Socio Socio-Phil/
Guj/Hin/Mar/ Eng Eng-Phil/His
 Mithibai College of Arts
Chauhan Inst.of
Science & Amruthben
Jr.College of
Commerce & Economics

Vile Parle , Mumbai-56
Phone:  (022) - 2618 4354 /
2618 4355
 A. Socio-Psy-Eco/ Guj/
Mar/Hin Phil-Psy-Pol
/Socio Eco-Pol-Comm/
His His-Socio-Eco Socio-Psy-Eng
 B. Advt/Psy of Adj /
Mass Comm/ Comp.Rel/
Social Work/Pop.Stud
 Eco. / Phil / Eng /
Pol.Sc / Socio / Psy / Guj
 Maharshi Dayanand College
of Arts
,Science & Commerce

Shri Mangaldas Chowk,
25, Dr.S.S.Rao Road,
Parel, Mumbai-12
 A. Eco/His/Pol-Mar/
Hin/Eng/Guj/Kan Phill/Psy
 B. BK/Psy of Adj  A. Mar / Hin / His / Eco

B. Eng / Pol.Sc / Phil (any two)
 Maharashtra College of Arts,
Science & Commerce

246-A, Bellasis Road
 A.Eco / Hist / SocioPol.Sc /
Psy / Islam Stud /
Phil-Urdu / Eng / Hin /
Per / Arab / Mar
B. Urdu / Hin / Mar /
 (B) Mkt.Res / Pop. Stud /
Invest Anal EnterDev /
Gandh / Mass Comm /
Intr to Law
 A. Urdu-His / Arabic /
Per / Islam Stud Per
/ His / Arab Islam stud
/ Hin-Urdu

B. Eng / Urdu / Per /
Arab / Hin/ Mar / Eco /
Socio / His / Islam Stud /
 National Education Society’s
Ratnam College of Arts,
Sc & Commerce

National High School,
Ratnam College  Marg,
Bhandup, Mumbai- 78 
NES Complex,
National High School Marg,
Bhandup, Mumbai-400078.
Phone:25951381, 25954464
 A. His / Eco-Pol / Eng-Socio / Mar  B. Quant Tech  A. Eco/Pol.Sc/Socio

B. Socio-His Eng-His,
Mar-His Pol-Mar,
 N.G. Acharya & D.K. Marathe College
of Arts, Sci. & Commerce

Near Subhash Nagar,
N.G. Acharya Marg,
Chembur, Mumbai- 71
Tel:+(91)-(22) 25210962
 A. Eco-Socio-Psy/ Mar/Eng B. Mar/Hin  B. Psy of Adj/Advt  Socio/Eco/Eng Eco,Socio,Psy, Mar (any Two)
 Nagindas Khandwalla College of
Commerce & Arts

RoadNo1,Bhadran Nagar,
Off S.V.Road,
Malad(West) Mumbai - 400 064
Tel :28072262/28085424
 A. Geo-Psy Eco  B. Advt.  A. Geo/Psy/Eco

B. Geo/Psy Psy/Eco Geo/Eco
 Om Vidyalankar Shikshan Santha
Asmita College of Arts & Commerce
for Women Kannamwar Nagar-2

 Vikhroli (E), Mumbai- 83
 A. Eco-Hist-Pol.Sc.
B. Hin/Mar
 B. Advt  Eco
 Ramniranjan Jhunjhumwala College,
Ghatkopar Mumbai-86
 A. Eco-Phill/His-Geo Socio-pol.SC
B. Mar/Hin/Kan/Sank
 (B) Pop.Stud/Bus. Comm/
Travel & Tour
 Eco/Phil/His Pol.Sc Socio
/Eng/Hin/ Mar
 Rizvi College Of Arts,
Science & Commerce

Rizvi Complex,
Off Carter Road,
Bandra (W) Mumbai-50
 A. Eco-Phil / Psy / Socio /
Hin / Urdu / Eng (any three)
B. Hin / Urdu
 B. Mass Comm  A. Socio

B. Eng.Socio Eco.Socio
 R.D.National College &W.A.
Science College
Linking Road,
Bandra, Mumbai-50
 A. Psy-Eco-His/Pol/
Eng/Hin Psy-His-Pol/Eng/
Hin Psy-Pol-Eng/Hin
B. Fre/Hin/Mar
 B. Mass Comm /
Psy of Adj
 Psy / Eco / His / Eng
 Ramnarain Ruia College
Matunga,Mumbai- 19
Tel :24143098, 24142480
 A. Eco-Comm-Hin/ Eng/Fr/
Sans/Stat Eco-Hist-Comm/Fr/Pol/
Eco-Pol-Eng/Guj Fr
Phil His-Mar-Hin
Phil-Mar-Hin/Sans Eco-Mar-Hin
B. Guj/Fr/Hin/Mar/ Sans
 B. Inv Analy / Journ /
Mass Comm / Gandhism
 Eng / Mar / Thn / Fr /
Sans / Phil / Pol /
Eco / Hist / Stats /
Maths Eco-Com / Pol /
His / Stats
His-Pol Guj-Phil Mar-Eco /
 South Indian Edu Soc’s College,
Nerul Navi Mumbai-76
 S K Somaiya College of Arts,
Science and Commerce

Vidyanagar, Mumbai - 400 077,
TelNo: 2510 5113
Fax Number: 2502 5313
Email address:
 A. Psy/Socio/ His/Pol/Eco/
PhilB. Hin/Mar
 B. BK/Mass Comm/Journ  A. Psy/His/Pol. Sci/
Soci/ Eco/Phil

B. Psy-Phil, Socio-Psy,
His-Pol.Sc, Eco-Pol.Sc
 Siddharth College Anand Bhavan
D.N.Road, Fort,
Mumbai- 23
Off.: 022 - 2288 6822
Anand Bhavan: 22043868/22043614.
Fax : 2281 9049
 A. Socio - Psy - EngHis - Mar -
HinHist - Pol -AIC /
PSy / Pali / MarHin /
SocioHis / Socio /
AICEco - Pol - Socio /
AICEco - Socio Psy / AIC
 B. Invest Analy  A. Eng / Poli / His / Mar / Eco

B. Eng-Psy / Socio His-Mar
/ HinMar-Hin / Pali Eco-Pol /
Socio Psy / AIC / Mar /
HinHis-Pol / Socio / AIC /
Psy / Pol-Socio / AIC
 St. Xavier’s College
Mahapalika Marg,
Mumbai- 1
Phone: 91-22-22620661/ 22620662/22620665
 A. Eco/His/Psy-AIC Eng/
Comm/Socio Pol/Eco/
Stars Anthro/lst Cul/ French
 B. BK/Invest.Anal/
Mass Comm/
Qt. Tech PSy,
Sex Roles/Psy of Adj/
Intro Law/Mar Res Tech
 A. A/C/Eng/His/Psy

B. Socio-Psy/Eco/
Anthro AIC-His/
Anthro His-Pol Psy-Anthro
Eco-Comm Socio-Anthro
 Sathaye College
Dixit Road,
Vile Parle, Mumbai- 57
Phone : 022 - 2614 1149
022 - 2613 0608
 A. Eco-Phil-His/Eng/
Edn Eco-Pol-His/Eng/
Edn Eco-Socio-His/Eng
Mar-Hin-Pol/Phil Mar-Sank-Ohil/
Pol/Geo Mar-Eng-Geo/Pol
Hin-Psy-Pol/AIC/ Socio
Hin-Phil-Guj/AIC AIC-Phil-Edn/
Sank/Eng AIC-Edn/Geo/Pol
Psy-Pol-Sank/Edn Guj-His-Phil
/Socio Fre-Socio-Eng (B)
 SIES College of Arts, Science
& Commerce

Jain Society,
Sion (West), Mumbai-22
Tel: 2407 27 29 (Office)
Fax: 2409 6633
 A. Eco-Pol.Sc-His/Eng/
Hin Eco-Pol.Sc-Psy Pol.Sc-Phill-Psy
/ His Phill-Psy/His-Pol. Sc/
B. Mar/Hin/Fre
 B. Quant.Tech./
Comp Rel/
Travel & Tour/
Comp.Prog Intro to Law
 A. Eco/Hin/Pol.Sc Eng/Phil
B. Pol.Sc.Eco/His/
Guj Phil-His/Eng/
Hin/Guj Eco-His
 Shailendra Education Society’s
Arts,Science &Commerce College

Shailendra Vidyalaya Marg,
Shailendra Nagar,
Tel: 28489905,28920837,28960768
 A. Hist-Pol-Eco  B. Advt  
 Patkar College Of Arts,
Science, Commerce & Eco.

Goregaon, Mumbai-52
Tel: 2872 3731 / 2872 1875/2878 1188
E mail:
 A. Eco/Mar/Socio/ Hist/Hin
/Psy/Pol. Sc./Eng/
Sank (any three)
B. Mar/Hin
 B. Pop. Stud  A. Eng/Eco

B. Eng/Mar/Eco/Pol.Sc
/Hin/ Socio/Sank/His (any two)

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