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By: Jiten Sukhrani | Views: 7484 | Date: 03-Jun-2011

It is said that excellent communicators are born, not made. This proverb might appeal to most people but the truth is that one can also develop good communication skills.

It is said that excellent communicators are born, not made. This proverb might appeal to most people but the truth is that one can also develop good communication skills. With the recognition of English language as the world’s most dominant language, people from all walks of life want to hone their English speaking skills. As good English speaking skills are required in every sphere of our lives, it is a must for an individual to speak English fluently & confidently without any fear. Yes! Fear is one of the key factors that will inhibit your spoken English development – it could be a fear of rejection or a fear of being embarrassed in front of your friends.

Many a times it happens that you start conversations in English & then switch to a language you are more comfortable with or you wanted to say something but couldn't find the right words or when it comes to speak in English, you shy away from that opportunity. These are the common scenarios that occur with most of the people. If you take a close look at the above problems, you will come to know that the root of it lies in the inability of communicating thoughts clearly in English. So overcome your inability of communicating effectively in English by speaking fluent English.

A person who learns to speak English feels like learning an art form. Also, a person who speaks English derives confidence and allows their his / her mind to be expanded in ways that are beyond explanation. In today's age, fluent spoken English is super essential and with the essence of this language, one can will be able to expand their his / her horizons as well as communicate and feel like a citizen of the world. The more spoken English is practised, the more better communication you will have with everyone.

If somebody asks as to what are the benefits of fluent spoken English, then this question will have n number of answers. English is superbly important and extremely essential in today’s age. To the extent, that from TV service providers to books, people teaching to websites, every channel and avenue has opened up chances for a person to learn this magnificent language - English. So now you can imagine benefits that spoken English will provide like :-

  • English language allows a person to derive a certain amount of confidence that comes with the learning of this essential and widely spoken language.

  • Confident spoken English will improve your earnings, opportunities, self image & will lead to your personal & professional success.

  • A good level of spoken English is an important part of any career progression and personal development.

  • Also, spoken English is very much important for job seekers as most of the companies now prefer selecting candidates with good English communication.

  • A person can expand his / her work, ideologies and much more with English.

  • A person can feel more educated with the addition of this language to their list of credentials. This language is definitely a shining credential to add on to the list of a person and it also allows a person to shine in his or her capacity and it provides a cutting edge to the capabilities of a person.

  • Minds can be more sharpened and more alert with the spoken English credential. This is because people can then understand you better and one can understand every medium of communication.

Thus it is a proven fact that when you speak English fluently, the opportunities are limitless for you & you can derive many benefits by speaking the wonderful language called English.

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