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Here is the list of all different branches of Science and their meaning. we have listed total 97 branches of science and there may be few more.

Here is the list of all branches of Science and their meaning. we have listed total 97 branches of science and there may be few more. Please let us know if you find any missing branch in comment section. You can also share this on Facebook or Like. Use +1 to rate this article and support us.

BranchConcerning Field
AerodynamicsThe study of the motion of gas on objects and the forces created
AeronauticsScience of fligt of airplanes.
AgronomyScience dealing with crop plant.
AnatomyThe study of the structure and organization of living things
AngiologyDeals with the study of blood vascular system.
AnthologyStudy of flower.
AnthropologyThe study of human cultures both past and present. Study of apes and man.
ApicultureHoney industries (Bee Keeping).
AraneologyStudy of spiders.
ArchaeologyThe study of the material remains of cultures
AstronomyThe study of celestial objects in the universe. Study of heavenly bodies.
AstrophysicsThe study of the physics of the universe
BacteriologyThe study of bacteria in relation to disease
BatracologyStudy of frogs.
BiochemistryThe study of the organic chemistry of compounds and processes occurring in organisms
BiologyThe science that studies living organisms
BiophysicsThe application of theories and methods of the physical sciences to questions of biology
BiotechnologyDeals with the use of micro-organisms in commercial processes for producing fine chemicals such as drugs; vaccines; hormones,etc. on a large scale.
BotanyThe scientific study of plant life
CardiologyStudy of heart.
Chemical EngineeringThe application of science, mathematics, and economics to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms
ChemistryThe science of matter and its interactions with energy and itself
ClimatologyThe study of climates and investigations of its phenomena and causes
Computer ScienceThe systematic study of computing systems and computation
CraniologyStudy of skulls.
CryogenicsStudy concerning with the application and uses of very low temperature.
CryptographyStudy of secret writing.
CytologyStudy of cells.
DermatologyStudy of skin.
EcologyThe study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment
ElectronicsScience and technology of electronic phenomena
EngineeringThe practical application of science to commerce or industry
EntomologyThe study of insects
Environmental ScienceThe science of the interactions between the physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment
EtiologyStudy of cause of insects.
EugenicsStudy of improvment of human race by applying laws of heredity. it is related with future generations.
EvolutionDeals with the study of origin of new from old.
ExbiologyDeals with life or possibilities of life beyond the earth.
FloricultureStudy of flower yeilding plants.
ForestryThe science of studying and managing forests and plantations, and related natural resources
GeneticsThe science of genes, heredity, and the variation of organisms
GeologyThe Study of science of the earth, its structure, and history
Gerontologystudy of growing old.
GynaecologyStudy of female reproductive organs.
HaematologyStudy of blood.
HepatologyStudy of liver.
HorticultureStudy of garden cultivation.
IconographyTeachings by pictures and models.
ImmunologyScience which deals with the study of resistance of organisms against infection.
JurisprudenceScience of law.
KalologyStudy of human beauty.
LexicographyCompiling of dictionary.
Marine BiologyThe study of animal and plant life within saltwater ecosystems
MathematicsA science dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
MedicineThe science concerned with maintaining health and restoring it by treating disease
MeteorologyStudy of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting
MicrobiologyThe study of microorganisms, including viruses, prokaryotes and simple eukaryotes
MineralogyThe study of the chemistry, crystal structure, and physical (including optical) properties of minerals
Molecular BiologyThe study of biology at a molecular level
MycologyStudy of fungi.
MyologyStudy of muscles.
NephrologyStudy of kidneys.
NeurologyThe branch of medicine dealing with the nervous system and its disorders
Nuclear PhysicsThe branch of physics concerned with the nucleus of the atom
NumismaticsStudy of coins and medals.
ObstetricsBranch of medicine dealing with pregnancy.
OceanographyStudy of the earth’s oceans and their interlinked ecosystems and chemical and physical processes
OmithologyStudy of birds.
OneirologyStudy of dreams.
OphthalmologyStudy of eyes .
Organic ChemistryThe branch of chemistry dedicated to the study of the structures, synthesis, and reactions of carbon-containing compounds
OrnithologyThe study of birds
OsteologyStudy of bones.
PaleontologyThe study of life-forms existing in former geological time periods
PathologyStudy of disease causing organisms.
PedologyStydy of soils.
PetrologyThe geological and chemical study of rocks
PhilatelyStamp collecting.
PhilologyStudy of languages.
PhoneticsConcerning the sounds of a language.
PhycologyStudy of algae.
PhysicsThe study of the behavior and properties of matter
PhysiographyNatural phenomenon.
PhysiologyThe study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms
PiscicultureStudy of fish.
PomologyStudy of fruits.
PsychologyStudy of the mind and behaviour
RadiologyThe branch of medicine dealing with the applications of radiant energy, including x-rays and radioisotopes
SeismologyThe study of earthquakes and the movement of waves through the earth
SericultureSilk industry(culture of silk moth and pupa).
SerpentologyStudy of snakes.
TaxonomyThe science of classification of animals and plants
TelepathyCommunication between two minds at a distance with the help of emotions, thoughts and feelings.
ThermodynamicsThe physics of energy, heat, work, entropy and the spontaneity of processes
ToxicologyThe study of poisons and the effects of posisoning
VirologyStudy of virus.
ZoologyThe study of animals
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