List of Computer Engineering Projects

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Computer Engineering, is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer systems.Computer engineers usually have training in electronic engineering (or electrical engineering), software design, and hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. Computer engineers are involved in many hardware and software aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computer

List of Computer Engineering Projects


·        Security system using IP camera

·        Online recruitment system (ORS)

·        IR Based video streaming on mobile phones

·        Automation of market operations

·        Automation of ticket booking system forperformances

·        GEMINI: Generic Monitoring Infrastructure forGrid System and Applications

·        Pervasive Computing

·        District collectorate office informationintegration

·        College management software

·        Autonomous robot

·        Virtual classroom

·        Game

·        Heart beat analyzer

·        System and web projects

·        Embedded web server for remote access

·        Network Traffic Analysis

·        Call Center Admin Suite

·        Super Market Management System (SMMS)

·        Firewalls

·        Automation of Marketing Operations (AMO)

·        e-Bazaar

·        J2me based sip-communicator

·        Packet sniffers

·        Intranet mail server

·        Networking, Data Warehousing, dotNET (.net)

·        Library Management using RFID

·        Online Consultancy in ASP.NET

·        Student management system

·        Using Computer and Applications Packages asEducational Too

·        Routing security and data confidentiality formobile ad hoc networks

·        VU Online Book Shop

·        Digital parking system

·        District Collectorate Office –Informationintegration

·        Vehicle Access Control

·        Development of a microcontroller module for amobile feed dispenser

·        Interactive classroom for collage

·        Computer institute management system

·        Courier management service

·        Super Market Management System (SMMS)

·        Computerizing the Student Registration System

·        University Admission System

·        Department management

·        SMS server

·        University admission system


·        Campus Mining

·        District collectorate_ information integration

·        An Acknowledgement-Based Approach for theDetection of routing misbehavior in MANETs

·        District Collectorate Office –Informationintegration

·        Remote classroom

·        Message conversion tool

·        Aircraft control Using Software techniques.

·        Peer 2 peer multimedia transmissions

·        Production forecasting

·        Remote server room control through web

·        Human resource administration

·        An Agent based Autonomous Web Crawler for a HighPerformance Network Grid Computing Environment

·        Pizza ordering from sms

·        Packet sniffers

·        Performance analysis of location management schemesfor mobile IP

·        Development of a feature-rich, Employee TransferApplication (using c or java)

·        IR Based video streaming on mobile phones

·        8051 based calculator

·        Voice Ove IP

·        Bluetooth based temperature controller

·        Clever cell phone manager

·        Placement Office Automation

·        Secure streaming to avoid duplication of thefiles downloaded

·        University Admission System


·        Facial Expression tracking

·        Bug Tracking System

·        University admission system

·        Wi-Fi network based project to find theparticular persons location

·        Traffic control using sensor, video camera

·, Get software and hardware projectshere

·        CD transaction system

·        Mail specialist

·        District collectorate Information Integration

·        Swarm Intelligence

·        SMS ticket reservation

·        Tourism management

·        i-button based high level security system

·        Video Streaming using Cell Phone with security

·        Online shopping

·        Telephony services in call center applications

·        Speed cash system

·        Smart Cam

·        Summation

·        Face recognition

·        Online customer service

·        Assessment of Staff for College ManagementSystem

·        Smart Planner



·        Rendering 3D images on 2D display

·        Expert knowledge assessing systems on automata

·        Digital Speech Processor

·        Product profile manager and knowledge basemanagement system

·        Internet Distribution System

·        Distributed System (Task Scheduling)

·        Mobile Filtering

·        jMail++ A Webmail Service (JSP)

·        Network Packet Sniffer

·        Game (1st person shooting)

·        Artificial Intelligent Game

·        Handwritten script recongization

·        Remote web desk

·        IButton based Banking System

·        Online activity monitor

·        Project in field of operational research orgenetic engineering

·        Enhanced Security using Biometrics

·        Fault Tolerant System Using Primary BackupSystem using FAWS with SOAP

·        Online Activity reporting system

·        CAD SCADA softuer

·        Text to speech converter

·        Rf Based Home automation System

·        Microprocessor simulator

·        Distance learning system

·        Routing security and data confidentiality formobile ad hoc networks

·        Impex

·        Multi homed peer relays

·        Latest projects

·        Robot that follow a black line

·        Speech Recognition Using Sun Java Wireless Toolkit2.0 Beta

·        Online registration of tours

·        Local Body elections using biometrics

·        Student information system

·        Policy based management using

·        Computerization crime records

·        Product master maintenance system

·        Barcode Label design software

·        Information management

·        Online exam for blind people

·        Online crime reporting

·        TCP/IP messenger chat, voip, video, file copy...

·        Software for designing of printed circuit boardsfor electronic devices

·        Face Identification System

·        Requirement Identification Tool

·        Interest calculation for a retail bank

·        An agent based testing for web applications

·        IT project management software

·        Corporate banking

·        Traffic light control

·        VPN

·        Employee Management System

·        Inventory control system vs. Optimizationmethods

·        Online exams

·        RSS Feed Manager

·        Homepage of an e shopping mall

·        Inventory management system/Purchase ordersystem

·        Online shopping in .net

·        Network Protocol System Monitoring By UsingPassive Testing

·        Intelligent web browser using perfecting

·        Digital Signature

·        Optimization Methods + Inventory Control (includingFinance +agriculture)

·        Stenography

·        Mail server system

·        Integration of services using Jinni

·        Text to speech converter


·        Lost Mobile Tracking System

·        Embedded systems

·        Intranet files haring

·        Mini Project using C and C++ concepts

·        Electronic ballast circuit

·        Fixed Deposits

·        Java

·        Online feedback form system

·        Turn off pc using a mobile

·        Airline reservation

·        College management software

·        Intranet mail server

·        PC Based Frequency Meter

·        SMS Ticket Reservation

·        Controlling PC from mobile

·        Software project

·        Mini project idea in Java

·        Implementation of knowledge management

·        Finger prints

·        Employee performance evaluation

·        Text editor

·        Any Good Java Project

·        Cryptography

·        Web application

·        Programming

·        Railway reservation

·        Automate a Doctor’s Office

·        j2me based sip communicator

·        Programming projects

·        Microprocessor based railway system

·        Banking

·        DBMS

·        Hospital management system

·        Remote classroom

·        Provably Secure Three-Party AuthenticatedQuantum Key Distribution Protocols

·        Bluetooth Calling

·        Application oriented

·        Railway reservation project

·        Controlling pc using mobile

·        Attendance management system for school andcolleges


·        Card reader

·        Spy camera

·        PC to PC voice communication over a LAN

·        PLC based project

·        Projects related to Networking

·        Online backup system

·        Java project

·        Vehicle position tracker using Sms/gsm

·        Embedded Systems

·        Online reservation

·        Search engine in java and about spam filters

·        Online Shopping and 2) Job portal

·        Artificial intelligence

·        Controlling system through mobile phone

·        Network security system

·        Radio controlled video vehicle design

·        Mail + chat + talk server using java

·        Voice recognition

·        Online database

·        Digital + code + lock

·        Call Center Admin Suite

·        Video conferencing

·        Cloud computing

·        Automatic Mail Deliver

·        Secured Mail server

·        Security system using IP Camera

·        Linux device driver

·        Online file monitoring system

·        Hospital management

·        Software development

·        Student information system


·        Linux device driver FOR CD ROM

·        Digital image processing using matlab

·        Mini project on Linux shell

·        Room hotel reservation via SMS

·        Video streaming using cell phone with security

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