List of Electronic Communication Companies in India

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The Internet and electronic communications (also called computer mediated communications, or CMC) doesn't just mean new tools for communication; it means new ways to communicate. Today your organization interacts with its various constituents differently - employees, board members, customers, partners and others - depending upon the nature of the message, the goals you are trying to achieve and the strengths (and weaknesses) of the available media - telephones, voice mail, fax machines, print, etc.Electroni

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The Internet and electronic communications (also called computer mediated communications, or CMC) doesn't just mean new tools for communication; it means new ways to communicate. Today your organization interacts with its various constituents differently - employees, board members, customers, partners and others - depending upon the nature of the message, the goals you are trying to achieve and the strengths (and weaknesses) of the available media - telephones, voice mail, fax machines, print, etc.

Electronic communications adds a powerful new channel that not only will change how you use this mix of options, but it will create entirely new ways to interact. For example:

Electronic communications lets you combine numerous media - text, graphics sound, video, etc. - into a single message. That can result in far more meaningful communications tailored to the nature of your particular audience. In contrast to broadcasting, narrowcasting reflects the ability to develop numerous communications for subsets of your market or constituencies.

Electronic communications is interactive. It engages audiences in active, two-way communications. That requires a new way of thinking about advertising copy and the handling of public relations. The pay-off, however, is a self-selected audience, engaged and actively participating in the communications process.

Two-way communication is nothing new. But electronic communications creates a new form of many-to-many communications that lets geographically distributed groups communicate interactively and simultaneously through text, sound and video. You can hold inexpensive video conferences or press conferences from your desk, or conference with people at several desks located across the world. One of the burgeoning phenomena of the Internet is businesses and organizations sponsoring, supporting and moderating discussion groups about issues, products, strategies - anything of interest to the organization and its constituents. Sponsorships are also solicited for popular resources, such as indexes and other Internet search tools, and these provide a further communications and marketing opportunity.

Many organizations are using electronic communications facilities, such as the World Wide Web, as internal communications tools to enhance team work. Many individuals at different locations can work on the same documents, hold meetings and integrate research findings.

Electronic communications removes the power of communications gatekeepers to both positive and negative effects. Most organizations are used to controlling the messages that go out to its constituents through managers, spokespeople and others. But with the Internet, constituents begin to talk among themselves, requiring new approaches and a new emphasis on listening and reacting, not just talking.

With the Internet you have the ability to transmit and receive large amounts of information quickly to and from individuals and workgroups around the world. This changes the way activists, for example, can galvanize communities, inform legislators and change public opinion. It changes the sources and depth of your constituents' knowledge levels. It also lets those constituents reach you with new kinds of communications they may never have attempted before.
And these are only some of the changes we are seeing now. There will be unanticipated and ripple effects we can't imagine. For example, will electronic mail become a buffer to avoid communications or confrontations that might be better resolved in person? Will managers find themselves traveling more in order to gain the personal touch with members of distributed workgroups? How will organizations prepare themselves for this increased level of participatory constituent interaction?

List of Electronic Communication Companies in India

• 3 Com India Private Limited- Mumbai
• A.E. Telelink Systems Limited- Mumbai
• A.R. Scientific & Surgical Enterprises- Ambala
• ABS India Pvt. Limited- Bangalore
• Accord Communications Limited- Meerut
• Advanta Corporation- Mumbai
• AGT Electronics Limited- Coimbatore
• AIKON Systems- Hyderabad
• Alcatel India Limited- Gurgaon
• Alpha Telematics & Communication- Meerut

• Ansh Infotech Pvt. Ltd. - New Delhi
• Arvind Mills Limited (Telecom Division) - Pune
• Arya Comm. & Electronics Services Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai
• Atlanta Systems- Hyderabad
• Atlanta Systems Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Atrie Technology Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Aurotronics Pvt. Ltd. – Pondicherry
• Avantel Softech Ltd. – Hyderabad
• Avaya Global Connect Ltd. – Gandhinagar, Gujarat
• Bit & Byte Communications Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad
• Bombay Industries- Meerut
• BPL Telecom Ltd. – Palakkad
• Canon India Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Cantronics Office Eqpts. (P) Ltd. – Mumbai
• Cisco Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. – USA & Bangalore
• Clovertel Pvt. Ltd. - New Delhi
• Comsis Infotech India – Allahabad
• Concerto Software (I) Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Continental Telepower Industries Ltd. – New Delhi
• Copper Connections – New Delhi
• Coral Telecom Ltd. – Solan (H.P) & Noida (U.P)
• Crompton Greaves Ltd. – Bangalore
• Cygnus Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad
• D Link India Limited – Goa & Mumbai
• Databyte Equipment Pvt. Ltd. – Pune
• Dax Networks Ltd. – Canada & Chennai
• Digicontrols Northern Pvt. Ltd. – Uttaranchal & Noida
• Enkay Telecommunications (I) Limited – Mumbai
• Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd. – Jaipur & Gurgaon
• Esjay United – Bangalore
• Fortune International – Yanam & Hyderabad
• Gigabyte Electronics & Communications – Hyderabad
• Global India Ltd. – Mumbai

• Godrej and Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd. – Mumbai

• Gradient Networks – Bangalore

• GTL Ltd. – Navi Mumbai

• HCL Infinet Ltd. – Noida

• Himachal Futuristic Communication Limited – Goa
• Himalaya Telecom – Himachal Pradesh
• HTL Ltd. – Chennai
• IBM India Ltd. – USA & Bangalore
• Innovative Enterprises – Mumbai
• Innovative Etech Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai
• Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd. –USA & Bangalore
• Intellicon Pvt. Ltd. – Gandhinagar, Gujarat
• ITI Limited – Palakkad & Bangalore
• Jumpp India Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Kay Technical Services – Gurgaon

• Lakshmi Electronics & Communications – Hyderabad
• Lexmark International (I) Pvt.Ltd. – Mumbai
• Linkquest Telecom Pvt. Ltd. – Gurgaon
• Linkwell Telesystems Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad
• Lucent Technologies Hindustan Ltd. – Bangalore
• Marconi Telecommunications India Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Maruthi Electronics Ltd. – Chennai
• Matrix Telecom Private Limited – Vadodara, Gujarat

• Metascan Electronic & Communication Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad
• Metavision – Ambala
• Micro Controls – Pune
• Micro Vision – Jalandhar
• Microcoms – Bangalore
• Motorola India Pvt. Ltd. – Gurgaon
• MRO Tek Ltd. – Bangalore
• Multitech Computers Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Nanotech Communications Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad
• Nanotech Electronics Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad
• Natelco Infotech Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai
• National Telecom of India Ltd. – Nasik & Mumbai
• Net Devices Networks Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore
• NetAxcess Solutions Ltd. – New Delhi
• Nokia India Ltd. – Gurgaon
• Nomus Communication System –Vadodara, Gujarat
• Nortel Networks India Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore

• Orbit Computers &Telecommunications – Meerut
• PAN Communication Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Paradyne Worldwide Corpn. – New Delhi
• PEP Infotech Ltd. – Meerut
• Point Pay India Pvt. Ltd – Mumbai
• Polycom (United Kingdom) Ltd. – New Delhi
• Prima Telecom Ltd. – New Delhi
• Prime Telelink Pvt. Ltd. – Jaipur
• Quest Telecom Private Limited – Gandhinagar, Gujarat
• R.B. Business Promotion Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• R.S.Technologies – Hyderabad
• Ram Systems – Bangalore
• Realtech – Ghaziabad & Noida
• Realtime System Ltd. – New Delhi
• Rohini Micro Systems – Mohali
• S.M. Creative Electronics Ltd. – Gurgaon
• Samsung India Electronics Ltd. – New Delhi
• Sharp Business Systems (India) Ltd. – New Delhi
• Siemens Information Systems Ltd. – Gurgaon
• Siemens Limited – Mumbai
• Siemens Public Communications Network Ltd. – Calcutta
• Skylink Electronics Pvt. Ltd. – Sonipat & New Delhi
• Sony India Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Star Link Communications Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
• Sunren Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai
• Svarin Communications Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai
• Tangent Systems – Pondicherry
• TATA Infotech Ltd. – Mumbai
• Tata Telecom Limited – Gandhinagar, Gujarat
• Team Engineers – Hyderabad
• Tecknociates – Mumbai
• Tejas Networks India Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore
• Tekshiv Systems (P) Ltd. – Faridabad
• Telenet Systems Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai
• Telex Technologies – Hyderabad
• Tellabs India Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore
• Transmatrix – Mumbai
• TVS Electronics Ltd. – USA & Chennai
• Twin Data Systems Ltd. – Secunderabad
• United Telecom Ltd. – Bangalore
• Uniword Telecom Ltd. – Noida
• U.T. Starcom India Telecom Pvt. Ltd. – Gurgaon
• V.R. Electronics – Hyderabad
• Vayalil Electronics – Bangalore
• Veratroniks – Hyderabad
• Vertex Systems – Bangalore
• Vision Electronics – Mohali
• Vision Soft Communication – U.P
• V-TEK Systems – Haryana
• Wep Peripherals Ltd. – Mysore
• Win Tel Technology Systems – Rajasthan
• XEROX Modi Corp. Ltd. – Gurgaon & New Delhi
• XLNET Systems Ltd. - Bangalore


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List of Electronic Communication Companies in Bangalore, Gujarat, Vadodara, Mumbai, Nasik, Hyderabad, UP, Himchal Pradesh, India

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