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The first ever CMAT (Common Management Admission Test) is going to be held online from 20th to 28th Feb 2012. Since CMAT is being held for the first time, obviously every one is questioning how will this exam be – will it be easy or tough?What is the exam pattern? Syllabus for CMAT? Where can we find the sample papers and books to prepare for CMAT?

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The first ever CMAT (Common Management Admission Test) is going to be held online from 20th to 28th Feb 2012. Since CMAT is being held for the first time, obviously every one is questioning how will this exam be – will it be easy or tough?What is the exam pattern? Syllabus for CMAT? Where can we find the sample papers and books to prepare for CMAT?


It is for these reasons this blog post is being made – to provide you whatever prep material is available for CMAT – the syllabus, sample papers and prep books along with a discussion on the CMAT test pattern/format. This blog post also follows an earlier blog article titled: AICTE CMAT 2012 Date Notification, Eligibility & Forms which introduces you to CMAT and tells you how to apply for the same.

CMAT 2012: will it be easy or tough?
I believe CMAT 2012 would not be that tough, because of two reasons:
1.0 Because it is being organized for the first time.
2.0 CMAT is expected to replace all management exams (institute level, state level as well as national level baring exams such as CAT) – hence the level of difficulty, even for forthcoming CMAT exam should be of average level – may be of the same standard as MAT (Management Aptitude Test). And I am pretty sure, it will not be as tough as CAT (Common Admission Test).

CMAT Exam Pattern/Format/Structure/Syllabus:
Your next question naturally would be what are the CMAT test sections, how many questions and the mark distribution. You can find the format/pattern of CMAT 2012 exam in the table below:
CMAT Exam Pattern
CMAT Exam Pattern
So there are 25 questions in each of the four sections, 4 marks per question – thus totaling 400 marks in CMAT, which has to be answered in 3 hours. You can move back and forth in between questions - thus it is better to attempt easy questions first and than come back to try the tough ones.

So how does CMAT test pattern compares with MAT & CAT? You can find an analysis of the pattern of these two tests below:
MAT Exam Pattern
MAT Exam Pattern
CAT Exam Pattern
CAT Exam Pattern
So as you can see, the test sections in all these three management entrance exams are similar. However, time per question is highest for CAT (2.3 minutes) and the least for MAT (0.75 minutes) and CMAT (1.8 minutes). So CMAT should be more an accuracy based test than a speed based test like CAT, unlike MAT which is a speed based test.

CMAT Syllabus:
AICTE has not prescribed any syllabus for CMAT 2012 in the notification. This can be well understood as the test sections are generic in nature.

CMAT Mock Test:
So after going through the CMAT exam pattern above, you must be wanting to have a look and feel of CMAT test environment, since CMAT is a Computer-Based-Test (CBT) – there is no paper-n-pencil version of CMAT. Yes, you have to appear in it in the designated computers only in your CMAT test centre/venue!

CMAT Exam Sample Papers:
Since CMAT is being held for the first time in 2012, there are no previous years exam papers for CMAT. So what you can do is base your preparation on MAT exam papers - later on of course you have to go for preparation test-section wise.
My advice would be to first discover your strong and weak areas using MAT exam papers and than use the books to strengthen your weak areas.

View Online MAT sample papers: This is the official MAT site. And it gives you 28 sample MAT questions in downloadable PDF file. Best online MAT sample papers I came across – 5 full length papers of 200 MAT questions each and 25 section-wise papers of 40 MAT questions each. Each MAT paper is timed and at the end of the test, you get the answers with your scores and explanations. Needs registration which is free. 50 MAT questions. Not of very good quality.

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CMAT Exam Pattern, CMAT Syllabus, CMAT Mock test, CMAT Papers & CMAT Books

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