HSC Exam (12th) Time Table 2012 for Maharashtra

By: Jimit Shah | Views: 297820 | Date: 14-Jul-2011

It is expected that HSC Board Exam (12th Exam) Time Table of Maharashtra will be declared soon and HSC Examination 2012 will be held in Feb/March 2012.

It is expected that HSC Board Exam (12th Exam)Time Table of Maharashtra will be declared soon and HSC Examination 2012 will be held in Feb/March 2012.

Time-Table was announced on first day of July. Students can plan their studies adequately according to time table. Let’s hope this makes a positive impact on the studies of students and more and more students get success.

You can download original copy of time table released by board from their official website : http://msbshse.ac.in/newsite/PDf/gen.pdf

Maharashtra Board HSC (Class 12th) Timetable 2012

Given below is the examination schedule 2012 for HSC Examinations conducted by the Board:

21 Feb 2012 (Tuesday)
English11.00 am to 2.00 pm
22 Feb 2012 (Wednesday)


German / Andhramagadhi / Persian
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

3.00 am to 6.00 pm
23 Feb 2012 (Thursday)
Marathi / Gujarati / Kannad / Sindhi / Malayalam / Tamil / Telgu / Punjabi / Bengali )

Urdu / French / Pali
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

3.00 am to 6.00 pm
25 Feb 2012 (Saturday)

Secretarial Practice

Physics Paper - I
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.00 pm
27 Feb 2012 (Monday)
Organization  Commerce

Physics Paper - II
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.00 pm

29 Feb 2012 (Wednesday)

Book Keeping & Accountancy

Chemistry Paper - I
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.00 pm
2 March 2012 (Friday)
Co -Operation

Chemistry Paper - II
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.00 pm
5 March 2012 (Monday)
Mathematics & Statistics Paper - I

11.00 am to 1.00 pm
 7 March 2012 (Wednesday)

Mathematics & Statistics Paper - II11.00 am to 1.00 pm
 9 March 2012 (Friday)
Biology Paper - I

11.00 am to 1.00 pm

3.00 pm to 6.00 pm
 12 March 2012 (Monday)
Biology Paper - II11.00 am to 1.00 pm
14 March 2012 (Wednesday)
Vocational - Biofocal Course Paper - I - Technical Group

Electrical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance

Scooter & Motor Cycle Servicing


Commerce Group I (Office Management / Banking )

Marketing & Salesmanship

Small Industries & Self Employment

Fishery Group I Paper

Agriculture Group I Paper
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.30 pm

11.00 am to 1.30 pm

11.00 am to 1.30 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.00 pm
16 March 2012 (Friday)

Vocational - Courses paper - II (Electrical Group / General Civil Engineering)

Historical Development & Indian Classical Dance

Occupational Orientation

Electrical Maintenance/ Mechanical Maintenance / Scooter & Motor Cycle Servicing

Electronics / Computer Science

Commerce Group paper - II (Banking / Office Management / Marketing & Salesmanship / Small Industries & Self Employment)

Fishery Group Paper - II

Agriculture Group Paper - II
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.30 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.30 pm
 19 March 2012 (Monday) Geography

11.00 am to 2.00 pm
 20 March 2012 (Tuesday) 
Russian / Japnese / Sanskrit / Arabic

General Knowledge
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 1.00 pm
 21 March 2012 (Wednesday)
Geology Paper - I

History / Appreciation of Art
11.00 am to 1.00 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm
 22 March 2012 (Thursday)


Geology Paper - II
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

3.00 pm to 5.00pm
 24 March 2012 (Saturday)
History & Development of Indian Music

English Literature
11.00 am to 2.00 pm

11.00 am to 2.00 pm
 26 March 2012 (Monday)
Online Examination Information Technology

Online Examination Information Technology
 11.00 am to 1.30 pm

3.00. pm to 5.30 pm
27 March 2012 (Tuesday)
Online Examination Information Technology

Online Examination Information Technology
11.00 am to 1.30 pm

3.00. pm to 5.30 pm
28 March 2012 (Wednesday)
Online Examination Information Technology

Online Examination Information Technology

11.00 am to 1.30 pm

3.00. pm to 5.30 pm
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honey  |  28-Jul-2011 11:52:43 IST
its website is really nice
thanx for give us informations
ron  |  27-Aug-2011 10:27:43 IST
good work done ,
now i can focus on my
HANSA  |  28-Aug-2011 11:48:04 IST
thanks to the website i can focus on my studies now
Quadri Basharat  |  28-Aug-2011 11:51:31 IST
thanks for this website
its so gooood
nigajew  |  12-Sep-2011 19:19:47 IST
nice ty!!! and a very good time table atleast for me(comp science guys)!!!!
Prince Arslan  |  17-Sep-2011 20:19:03 IST
GOOD JOB. i m ready fr this challeng.
Pavan Nalawade  |  18-Sep-2011 11:57:37 IST
It gives achallenge to proove us
shrikant  |  22-Sep-2011 15:36:06 IST
its nice to see aur time table but it will be more nice if it will be pospon
siddhart  |  24-Sep-2011 20:37:30 IST
to gud
balaji maske  |  24-Sep-2011 23:41:30 IST
Thankinig you website
Ravi varma  |  01-Oct-2011 19:50:28 IST
I liked it I m rdy 4 dis
atiqullah  |  01-Oct-2011 22:18:43 IST
thanks website for give up information
atiqullah shaikh for Navjeevan high scho  |  01-Oct-2011 22:23:13 IST
Nakul  |  02-Oct-2011 15:48:00 IST
It is Very Good Job to Guide To Student Thanks to Shown Time tabe To study hard
kartiki  |  07-Oct-2011 22:06:34 IST
great time table..
lot of days for economics paper..
have to study hard now for S.P. and O.C
and accountancy..
anyways its nice timetable
Saurabh  |  10-Oct-2011 08:19:47 IST
Simply nice tt luvd the holidays in between hope to complete my revision soon....
rahul  |  11-Oct-2011 11:30:31 IST
pls add for political science paper time & date
pratik  |  14-Oct-2011 22:53:11 IST
nice timetble lots of days for economics psper and nice day for accounts
pooja  |  17-Oct-2011 13:04:42 IST
this site are to gud for mi & my other friend gives to you best of luck
SHWETA  |  17-Oct-2011 14:56:58 IST
vedant  |  17-Oct-2011 19:34:00 IST
Best of luck for all 12th students and also me toooooooo.
manoj patil  |  18-Oct-2011 13:55:10 IST
This is very excellent work education minister...
fahim  |  18-Oct-2011 22:04:59 IST
i really really hate to see this
sachin  |  29-Oct-2011 22:07:21 IST
thanks sir. Nice timetebal
Priti  |  05-Nov-2011 23:44:01 IST
good time table its nice that we are geting time to do our study...
unnati  |  05-Nov-2011 23:47:43 IST
oooooo my god vo din ab door nai jab hamari mot paas hai.chala ab jo bhi ho mum n dad k liye exam tih deni hi padegi fir result k time ham vapas marenge
ranjit  |  08-Nov-2011 09:10:41 IST
it's very good to know we timetable.Tine-tableis very nice. Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.Best of luck all of the studants of 12th standard.
Niya  |  14-Nov-2011 15:52:53 IST
guys please tell me the dates and timing of political science and sociology exam...
sushmita  |  17-Nov-2011 21:59:32 IST
mast time table....realy manny days of economics sub a big thaxxxxxx...........
sushmita  |  17-Nov-2011 22:02:49 IST
Thaxxxx...... once again sir
darshana  |  17-Nov-2011 22:06:51 IST
It's realy nice time table n thaxxx.... 4 this a lots of days for economics ........
Banty  |  20-Nov-2011 00:31:48 IST
It's So Bad News But can anybuddy conform me about sociology paper i need TIMING and Date Of That Paper

I want to kill him who one has creat a paper time table

Note:- That's All Comment Are Only For Joke Dont Be Serious

tejas basnak  |  21-Nov-2011 15:32:10 IST
good have time table.
pushkar reddy  |  23-Nov-2011 16:40:26 IST
good very nice timetable for commerce students .
pooja  |  24-Nov-2011 18:55:39 IST
it is a very panchu wab site
khushbu makharia  |  27-Nov-2011 11:57:27 IST
board exam is very easy but study to hard ******* nd in board exam we have to get good marks nd study well kk ALL THE BEST FOR ALL THE PEOPLE
keron  |  29-Nov-2011 19:19:43 IST
now ........... .start studying seriosly ......n thnxxxxx for .......TT......
apurva  |  29-Nov-2011 20:27:23 IST
art ka political science ka paper nahi he.
please reply me.
sunny  |  30-Nov-2011 19:03:51 IST
amol  |  05-Dec-2011 16:26:25 IST
very nice time table
Dhananjay  |  05-Dec-2011 18:44:43 IST
BEST OF LUCK!!!to Girls
Frome Bad Boys>>
Deshmukh irfan  |  07-Dec-2011 18:33:21 IST
Verey good
ragesh  |  14-Dec-2011 16:24:41 IST
BEST OF LUCK!!!to all Girls & boys

so ready to beat exam ok

just chill raghu!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RAJ JAWALE  |  15-Dec-2011 18:01:22 IST
saurabh  |  18-Dec-2011 12:24:38 IST
thanks for this site
sandesh bhandari shirpur  |  23-Dec-2011 18:56:22 IST
best of luck
i like this
sandesh bhandari shirpur  |  23-Dec-2011 18:58:04 IST
i am ready to give a paper
nida  |  23-Dec-2011 20:10:05 IST
nice time table plz add logic date n time
Abhijeet Patil  |  25-Dec-2011 14:22:18 IST
Wonder site
nihar  |  26-Dec-2011 11:13:33 IST
but when is the sociology paper ??? the date and time are not given here ...! plzzzz tel me fast...
abhijeet mane  |  26-Dec-2011 16:18:21 IST
this process is very good to search time table
pritiya  |  26-Dec-2011 17:13:43 IST
Nice Time table
Now Start study Seriously............
Best Luck Friends
Mitesh  |  29-Dec-2011 09:43:50 IST
This is the Best Site
Best Of Luck
My Friend
prateek  |  29-Dec-2011 22:02:25 IST
wenz political science paper
sadequa  |  30-Dec-2011 15:45:33 IST
accha he mery sister ko chahiye tha thanks for helping me!
Pooja P. Dhawale  |  02-Jan-2012 18:21:05 IST
Very Nice..............Rapchik
Shraddha  |  02-Jan-2012 20:44:02 IST
ohh..got 9 days to study economics..
feeling a lill bit relax..:)
misbah  |  04-Jan-2012 17:53:25 IST
hey whre iz arts timetable???
PRATHU  |  05-Jan-2012 23:51:17 IST
HARSHA  |  06-Jan-2012 19:17:33 IST
Aailla.... 21st feb. it means next mnth na...... kase honar aple..... lets study.......... BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!! 4 all student.
kavita  |  07-Jan-2012 15:57:28 IST
very nice time table for higher students best of luck to all my frnd ,now start hard reading by ,i am going for sleeping bye
kavita  |  07-Jan-2012 16:04:54 IST
bye bahut dar lag raha hai iss time table se isko dekhakar time bhi kharab chalne laga
prashu  |  07-Jan-2012 19:03:49 IST
timetable is awesome yarrr.....abb tho padna chalu karna hoga yrrr.bst of luck 2 all......
aadii  |  08-Jan-2012 12:10:03 IST
abhi toh bohat tym ahai exam ke liye..............
priya  |  10-Jan-2012 14:23:34 IST
i hate it.....>:(
sandeep  |  10-Jan-2012 23:02:49 IST
timetable is so bad but also good
abhishek  |  11-Jan-2012 06:05:58 IST
its still 40 days any1 can easily score upto 60 n above
bhavna  |  11-Jan-2012 22:05:40 IST
really a nice timetable bt papers should come easy
Tanmay  |  12-Jan-2012 12:53:24 IST
super gooooooooooooooooood
kalpesh  |  13-Jan-2012 13:38:40 IST
Aarti B. udawant  |  13-Jan-2012 18:05:38 IST
Oops....very nice time table.Best of luck!!!for all students.
niharika  |  13-Jan-2012 21:18:07 IST
but the paper of sociology subject is not given please inform me on ma email id when it is
priyanka  |  13-Jan-2012 21:23:37 IST
its good,but it should be postpond bcoz we r not prepare till now
sunny  |  14-Jan-2012 12:44:06 IST
all the bst to all the buddies....
n yar vry bokas time table.....
gayatri  |  16-Jan-2012 09:16:03 IST
plz let me kno wen is the sociology paPER
rajesh  |  16-Jan-2012 10:47:12 IST
exam on 1 march please of hsc science
pooja00  |  16-Jan-2012 16:25:42 IST
aiya kharach.............
kiti cchhan.................
Best of luck to all girls.
sagar palkhe  |  17-Jan-2012 12:32:02 IST
thnx for website this site is nice......!
deepak  |  17-Jan-2012 12:49:20 IST
thanx for

ke liye
KAVIN  |  17-Jan-2012 13:00:27 IST
Tanveer kazi  |  17-Jan-2012 14:06:27 IST
Thank god i have only 1 paper on 27 feb.....par fir bhi dar to lag hi raha he :(
sahil  |  17-Jan-2012 21:15:13 IST
Please check the 23 feb 2012 is thursday not saturday beware all online time table.
Manyata  |  17-Jan-2012 22:09:07 IST
Injustice 4 all arts students..why d hell so late??
Plz change the arts time table...
Nishtha  |  19-Jan-2012 21:50:56 IST
when is crop production paper plzz mention it ...
swapnil  |  20-Jan-2012 12:53:08 IST
i am ready for this challenge.............................best of luck all..................
ashitosh chavan  |  20-Jan-2012 14:11:31 IST
very nice suteble timetable to student thanks
sharukh  |  20-Jan-2012 22:29:04 IST
Best of luck guyz b ready for examination
Tnxs for so many holidayz for
Siddhant  |  21-Jan-2012 01:25:58 IST
kirtibmn  |  21-Jan-2012 16:53:39 IST
shivaji  |  21-Jan-2012 18:32:15 IST
thanx a lot
zeenat khan  |  22-Jan-2012 09:24:52 IST
best of luck alls.
KRISH  |  22-Jan-2012 10:49:49 IST
YASH AGRAWAL  |  22-Jan-2012 14:23:59 IST
thanxxxxx yaar for the time table its really really good....

its too healpfull for me....

and BEST OF LUCK to all of appering friends ...!!!!
Rohit Vishwakarma,(vissu) ^_^  |  22-Jan-2012 19:35:40 IST
To be a good professional,
Always start to study late for Exams.
Because it teaches how to manage Time
And tackle Emergencies!
Best of luck!
salman  |  22-Jan-2012 21:52:09 IST
pech le saal ke mutabik ek din pehle pepar he es saal mera to ek he pepar he o.c and nice website he
tahura  |  23-Jan-2012 18:47:45 IST
I have heard dat our hsc exmz r postpone frm 21 feb to 1 march...Is this true or a romour??
Plz give me correct information its a quest...
krunal  |  23-Jan-2012 21:23:16 IST
Whts the sp it timetsb le
pranali  |  23-Jan-2012 22:15:29 IST
Thanx for showing the time table.the holidays present in between the papers gives a very good time for revision.best luck 2 all.
MOHAMMAD ZESHAN  |  23-Jan-2012 22:52:15 IST
umair ul haque  |  24-Jan-2012 21:44:40 IST
thanks for the time table..
preeti  |  25-Jan-2012 14:48:21 IST
Thanx Maharshtra Broad

Abdulkadir  |  26-Jan-2012 00:20:05 IST
***Tejas***  |  26-Jan-2012 17:35:43 IST
It was best website for students.
& I say to this website very very ***THANKssssssssss sssssssss sssssssss sssssssss sssssssss sssssssss sssssssss sssssssss sssssssss sssssssss sssssssss ssssss***
imran  |  26-Jan-2012 20:47:48 IST
vijay  |  26-Jan-2012 23:49:45 IST
all the best mazya mitra&maitrraniati.mi aaj pahile aahe timetable.
SIDDHNATH GHAYWAT  |  27-Jan-2012 13:14:09 IST
This is to good.
Angel  |  27-Jan-2012 18:33:41 IST
mayur  |  27-Jan-2012 18:53:27 IST
thanks to this website for publishing the TT....now i cleared my dought abt the TT.....
safwan khan  |  28-Jan-2012 16:02:52 IST
board exam time table
Jennifer  |  29-Jan-2012 04:20:23 IST
Jennifer Pereira  |  29-Jan-2012 04:23:37 IST
Nice time table for commerce but economics paper @ 3 ..also papers must be easy ...
shantanu  |  29-Jan-2012 23:14:26 IST
nice time table
saddam  |  30-Jan-2012 16:39:41 IST
is baar ka bohat kharab time table aaya h date aage hone chaihiye thi..
Sanket Patil  |  31-Jan-2012 12:17:48 IST
Time Table Is Very Nice,
Best Of Luck For All Friend
Ashish Patil  |  31-Jan-2012 12:30:41 IST
Time table is very nice!
Best of luck all friend
Niks..!!  |  31-Jan-2012 22:09:32 IST
Ewwwww lot's of holidayzz...!
ganesh  |  01-Feb-2012 12:19:26 IST
Bhushan Ingale  |  01-Feb-2012 15:18:45 IST
Greate Information.........

Thanks alot
bhupendra pawar  |  01-Feb-2012 16:12:49 IST
Thanx for showing the time table.the holidays present in between the papers gives a very good time for revision.best luck 2 all.
bhupendra pawar  |  01-Feb-2012 16:17:59 IST
best of luck (sonya)
Rukhsar patel  |  01-Feb-2012 21:14:20 IST
Its so helping thanxxxx:-)
gaurav sharma  |  01-Feb-2012 23:16:53 IST
tooooooooooooo goooooooood will study on the holiday days only..
BZ_MAN  |  02-Feb-2012 08:44:52 IST
A very convenient way to set a time table... Nice work and thanks to everyone related in making of this time table...!!!
PRATIK  |  02-Feb-2012 08:56:03 IST
Anuja  |  02-Feb-2012 12:46:32 IST
Plz tell me d date n time for d defence paper
Sky parker  |  02-Feb-2012 21:29:01 IST
This is a best site best of luck friend,s
Vishal chaudhari  |  02-Feb-2012 23:08:07 IST
Nice,Best of luck my friends
RITESH PIMPRE  |  04-Feb-2012 00:30:22 IST
hasti hai pagali!!!!!!!!!!!!
pagal banane ke kaam hai............
saale itne paper le rahe hai?????
baccho ko sidha sidha pagalkhane bhej do
OMKAR  |  04-Feb-2012 10:57:49 IST
OMKAR  |  04-Feb-2012 10:59:18 IST
OMKAR KOKANE  |  04-Feb-2012 11:01:01 IST
saheb manus  |  04-Feb-2012 15:01:42 IST
lay bhari site
Nitin jasud  |  04-Feb-2012 15:08:16 IST
Best of luck all friend
SAI NAR  |  04-Feb-2012 16:45:59 IST
SAI NAR  |  04-Feb-2012 16:48:54 IST
all the best frnz for our boards exams doo wel
sailee jamsandekar  |  04-Feb-2012 17:09:04 IST
thanks for ths website thankssss a lot....bt its ths true time table we al should trust on nd best of luck guyssssssss....!!!!!!
abdul kaiyum  |  04-Feb-2012 18:09:18 IST
thanxxxxxxxxxxxx website
prasad  |  04-Feb-2012 19:59:31 IST
Thanks for time table.....I like this site. .....
shivani  |  04-Feb-2012 20:32:06 IST
Best of Luck My All Frendzzzzz........... ND Thanks Fr D Web Site
SUJATA PATARE  |  04-Feb-2012 21:38:33 IST
Thanxxxx for time table........
AII THE BEST My dear frndssssssss
aseem  |  05-Feb-2012 15:09:52 IST
best of luck to all and thnx to the website
Akhila  |  05-Feb-2012 19:17:08 IST
what is the date & time of Hsc Maharashtra Board exam- 2012 for Textile & clothing and child development papers?
Prasad  |  06-Feb-2012 12:17:59 IST
Thanxxxxxxx for time table.............
amar  |  06-Feb-2012 13:30:33 IST
thank u ........ fr the details
Ramswami  |  08-Feb-2012 15:02:01 IST
Thank you
TEJASWINI  |  08-Feb-2012 19:59:03 IST
tasneem  |  09-Feb-2012 13:46:13 IST
THANK U TO INFORM US...................
Rahul jain  |  10-Feb-2012 00:05:33 IST
nice time table....thanks......... lots of days fr eco paper... we will try our best fr these paper
Sagar Rajput  |  10-Feb-2012 14:01:39 IST
all of you best luck
Prajakta  |  10-Feb-2012 21:46:54 IST
RUPESH  |  11-Feb-2012 12:04:31 IST
karishma  |  12-Feb-2012 19:03:33 IST
Thanks for the information....
shweta joshi  |  12-Feb-2012 21:35:44 IST
arrey, physics-II la suttya dyaychya hotya!!!!
Vishnu Jawale  |  13-Feb-2012 07:04:04 IST
unknown  |  13-Feb-2012 13:45:54 IST
25-feb 3 pm to 6 pm P.s 42

here the political science time table ;)
unknown  |  13-Feb-2012 13:46:55 IST

here it is whole time table :)_
ashwin kplkar  |  13-Feb-2012 22:41:13 IST
Thanks! Best of luck to all.... (me also)
ashwin kolkar  |  13-Feb-2012 22:43:14 IST
Thanks! Best of luck to all.... (me also)
Boss Taklu Boss  |  15-Feb-2012 15:07:50 IST
cool. I mind it.
Aaliya ansari  |  15-Feb-2012 21:28:42 IST
shitt yaa....bio k liye itna tym......bt phy k liye q nai ....ne wyz..thenx n ol d best gyzzzz.....accpt meh..:p
PRANAY  |  16-Feb-2012 18:52:02 IST
best of luck guyes and god may help u in ur studies biess u all and love u all
Swati.Raj  |  16-Feb-2012 21:19:44 IST
I like Challenges;dis tym Science time table roxz.
tasneem  |  17-Feb-2012 09:55:17 IST
where the hell is sociology paper....students like me hav dropped maths nd took sociology subject....info for dat paper isn't given..
vishalpandey  |  17-Feb-2012 16:58:53 IST
nice time table best of luck to all
Chandan  |  17-Feb-2012 18:54:31 IST
thank's Maharashtra bord. and all the best to all student's be study.
priya  |  17-Feb-2012 22:05:41 IST
oohhh godd so many holidays between examss...........
All the best guyss...
studentss rock...
examiner socks....
Saddam khan  |  18-Feb-2012 00:39:21 IST
Nice yaar its to easy to check time table girls can call me for any inquiry about board time table 8291591595
pranay  |  18-Feb-2012 14:29:54 IST
mast time table .......Best of luck gayes.......!!!!!!!!!
pranay Dhongde  |  18-Feb-2012 14:33:17 IST
Best time table .......Best of luck gayes ...................!!!!!!!!!..
Shubham  |  18-Feb-2012 17:06:13 IST
This website is toooooo good
MAHESH PRADHAN  |  19-Feb-2012 00:17:49 IST
Very nice site and useful for student exam
P1kumar sarkate  |  19-Feb-2012 11:23:46 IST
This site is too god.. And i like to its all fuctures...
sagar  |  19-Feb-2012 13:34:51 IST
is the info on the page of hsc 2012 timebale accurate.plz reply any1
rohit  |  20-Feb-2012 09:43:03 IST
Very Gud site <3
JIVAN PACHGADE  |  20-Feb-2012 11:53:22 IST
Thanks For Maharshtra Broad

From -jivan
Akshay-Dh  |  20-Feb-2012 18:26:38 IST
for this TIME-TABLE.... DuDe..
Akshay-Dh  |  20-Feb-2012 18:28:31 IST
Thank's Priya.......
Urmila yadav  |  21-Feb-2012 06:43:41 IST
Bifocal time table has been displayed wrong..Kindly check this out..
Haresh More  |  21-Feb-2012 11:12:08 IST
Deepak  |  21-Feb-2012 13:47:21 IST
datta ghadge  |  22-Feb-2012 18:39:30 IST
thanks for time tabel
amar  |  23-Feb-2012 10:41:39 IST
want timetable for october 2012 & march 2013
Raj Nam tho suna Hoga..  |  24-Feb-2012 11:24:32 IST
"RAJ" NAm thO Suna HOGa............thx but peper likhne bhi aaa Jaooo naaaa PlZ...
anandsonule  |  24-Feb-2012 15:05:38 IST
Swapnil  |  29-Feb-2012 00:30:14 IST
It's a very nice time table for this website & All the very BEST...
Sanket Patil  |  02-Mar-2012 10:41:32 IST
Very Very Nice Time Tabels 2012
Kancha  |  03-Mar-2012 11:34:16 IST
tum kya le kar aaye the,
aur kya le kar jaoge?
Ghajini Dharma  |  10-Mar-2012 18:45:54 IST
short term memory loss ne bhi exam mein paper likha
ABHISHEK GUPTA  |  05-Jun-2012 20:37:40 IST
best of luck friend
shrikant mmunde  |  19-Aug-2012 08:21:25 IST
hot time tabel
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