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NTSE 2013 Exam Notification with the exam schedule & application form for the session 2012-2013 has just been brought out by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) and if you are a student of Class-X, you can apply for this very prestigious scholarship exam till 31st August, 2012.

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NTSE 2013 Exam Notification with the exam schedule & application form for the session 2012-2013 has just been brought out by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) and if you are a student of Class-X, you can apply for this very prestigious scholarship exam till 31st August, 2012

Open below link to download the NTSE 2012-2013 Exam Date Notification.

NTSE Exam 2013

This blog post is a part of following series of blog articles on NTSE exam to help you apply for this exam as well as to prepare for the same:

1.0 NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Exam: an introduction.
2.0 NTSE Syllabus & Exam Pattern.
3.0 NTSE Sample Papers & Books.

The focus of this particular post is to summarize the NTSE-2013 notification to help you apply for this exam.

NTSE Exam Eligibilities:

For appearing in NTSE exam, the eligibility is simple: you just need to be a Class X Indian student - you may be studying in India (in any recognized schools) or in abroad. There is no domicile restriction.

If you are an Indian students studying in Class-X abroad, you do not have to appear in Stage-I (State Level NTSE). Instead you can directly apply and appear for the Stage-II (i.e.National level NTSE).

There is a change in the eligibility for NTSE this year - till last year, NTSE was conducted for Class-VIII student. However NTSE-2013 would be held for Class-X students.

NTSE 2013 Exam Dates:

The whole process of NTSE exam from the date of notification till the publication of final result takes almost a year - while the NTSE notification comes out in June/July in one year, the final result (after the State Level NTSE and than the National level NTSE) is declared in July beginning of the next year. Thus, while you will be applying for NTSE in Class-X, by the time the result is declared, you would be in Class-XI..

The various important dates of NTSE 2013 exam (from application to result) is given below:

Stage I (State Level NTSE 2013):

Last Date of Form Submission: 31st August, 2012.
State Level NTSE 2013 Exam date for Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Andaman & Nicobar: 17.11.2012 Saturday).
State Level NTSE 2013 Exam date for all other states:18.11.2012 (Sunday).

Result of state level NTSE exam is declared usually in January/February by the States/UTs. For exact info on the result date, you have to contact your State Liaison Officer.

Stage II (National level NTSE 2013):

National level NTSE 2013 Exam date for all states: 12.05.2013 (Sunday)
Result of National level NTSE exam is declared usually in Last week of June/First week of July, which will be notified in NCERT NTSE website.

For Indian Students Studying Abroad:
Last Date of Form Submission for Stage-II (i.e.National level NTSE): 31st March, 2013..

NTSE 2013 Application Form & Admit Card:

You can open below link to download the NTSE 2013 application form-cum-admit card.

This application form is for State Level NTSE 2013. How to apply for NTSE exam is given very clearly in the instructions of above form. Till the State Level NTSE exam is held and the result is declared, your single point of contact for all queries is the NTSE State Liaison Officer of your state. Click here to find the contact details of State Liaison Officer of your state for NTSE 2012-2013. 

Some states charges a small amount of exam fee (Highest fee is Rs. 120/= for Maharashtra, for most it is free) as a Demand Draft, which needs to be deposited along with the application form. You can have some idea about the exam fee corresponding to your state from this link. But You should confirm from your State Liaison Officer regarding the NTSE fee. 

The form needs to be signed by Headmaster/Headmistress of your school along with Seal. Submit the form along with the exam fee (if required) to the Liaison officer of NTSE exam for you state. Last date is 31st August, 2012.

After you submit the form you would be intimated about the venue/date of written exam for State Level NTSE exam by the Liaison officer of NTSE exam for you state. If you do not get intimation, contact him/her.

Steps for applying to NTSE Exam for students studying abroad:
If you are an Indian student but studying abroad, the 1st stage of the exam i.e. State Level NTSE exam is waived. You need to apply for the 2nd stage i.e. National Level Exam directly.

You need to apply through the Head of the Institution where you are studying along with an attested copy (by the Head of the Institution) of the mark sheet of of previous examination. Send your application to the following address:

Head, Educational Survey Division
National Council of Educational Research & Training
Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016

NTSE 2014 Exam Dates:

Some of you browsing this blog post may be appearing in NTSE 2014 exam or later and hence would like to know when NTSE 2014 would be held. Well, The schedule of NTSE exam has almost been identical for past five years and hence based on this exam date trend analysis, you can easily forecast the NTSE 2014 Exam Dates.

For instance, the notification comes out in July, State level NTSE exam is held in 1st/2nd week of November. The national level NTSE exam is invariably held on the second Sunday of May. With these trends, you can find that date of National level NTSE 2014 Exam would be 11th May, 2014 (Sunday). Also last date for submission of NTSE forms has been 31st August. Hence for NTSE 2014, last date of form submission should be 31st August, 2013..

Likewise, you can easily find that National level NTSE 2015 Exam date would be 10th May, 2015 (Sunday). The above dates are projected dates to help you schedule your preparation. Nearer notification dates, check the NCERT NTSE website for exact dates.

Hope above helps you in applying for NTSE 2013 exam confidently!

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