Ethiopia Grade 10 Exam Result 2012

By: Ethiopian | Views: 185214 | Date: 04-Sep-2012

National education assessment and examination agency of Ethiopia has declared GRADE 10 national school leaving examination result 2012. (

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National education assessment and examination agency of Ethiopia has declared GRADE 10 national school leaving examination result 2012. Ethiopia Grade 10 result 2012 is available on Ministry of Education's we have provided direct link to access your Class 10 exam result online.

Ethiopia Grade 10 Result 2012

How to Access your personal Result of Grade 10 Exam 2012:

On the following link you will see the dialogue box

On the Dialogue box Exam Result >>>
a) Enter your Registration Number on the space provided for ID as on your Admission Card to the National Examination Agency.>>>
b) Click on the drop down arrow and select “Grade 10 National School Leaving Exam”>>>
c) Click on the “Show” Tab>>>

Grade 10 Exam Result 2012 Online:

Note: Below Result page may not open due to high traffic, keep visiting after sometimes.ALL THE BEST

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Cham Ochan
05-Sep-2012 06:49:00 IST
We have been facing difficulties while trying to access this site for exam results. It doesn't work! Please make easy for all as usual.
05-Sep-2012 11:50:45 IST
we are suffering to see the result. Therefore,arrange the speed....
josi joco
05-Sep-2012 12:24:59 IST
Pelese Make it Easy Why b/c it so Difficuit to find the result Ok.
05-Sep-2012 14:06:34 IST
You idiots, why you play on our time? the whole day?
05-Sep-2012 14:52:12 IST
it is oviuos that most of the studentes are have no access to this site so
abrham adie dogisso
05-Sep-2012 16:45:47 IST
national examination result grade 10
abrham adie dogisso
05-Sep-2012 16:48:44 IST
examination result 2012 grade 10
05-Sep-2012 18:10:41 IST
What a waste of time.
05-Sep-2012 19:55:57 IST
p/lse what kind of site is this? visiting this site is just climbing a mountain for nothing.
05-Sep-2012 20:38:30 IST
your web site never opens
05-Sep-2012 21:41:10 IST
What a pooring wsite u developed, u r entertained ur beloved stdnt with a journy having no end point.
06-Sep-2012 12:22:56 IST
I hope google blocked ur internet service as ETV blocked by...
Ewnet Atimotim
06-Sep-2012 16:58:51 IST
What a hell are you doing!! you'r wasting our time for nothing! you'r the first to indulge us with your propaganda through the sole media-ETV!! Why not you act & perform inline with what you'r always talking!! So much sorry!!!!!!!!
07-Sep-2012 11:40:37 IST
If technology is not part of solution it is a loss. I have never exercise such a bussy ever website so far. Please either improve it ASAP or use paper work. Very disappointing website!!!!!!!!!
07-Sep-2012 13:30:43 IST
we are still unable in getting your web,please you put a soluton
07-Sep-2012 13:53:16 IST
Please improve your site ! Totally it dosnt work !
21-Sep-2012 15:50:35 IST
your site is meaningless pls build it sorry............
kumlachew sinkie
27-Dec-2012 19:45:11 IST
that was good!!!!!!!
maal hadhaakee sii galchee maqaa koo uda
22-Mar-2013 13:47:45 IST
fagaraa haadhaa keesssaaniitii
yosef feye
24-Aug-2015 12:20:36 IST
መቼ ነው 10ኛ ክፍሎቸች ማትሪክ የሚወጣው አረ በጉጉት እየጠበቅን ነው።
27-Aug-2015 08:57:06 IST
You send ur information as u want but I can't get it as I want.
Pawlos hailu
05-Sep-2015 10:41:42 IST
Nigerun ebakachihu
06-Sep-2015 23:44:04 IST
You fucking pricks if there was no democracy in this country you would have a bounty on your gigantic heads so take your fucking democracy and matric results n shove it up your stinky ass
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