SSC Exam Time Table March 2012 for Andhra Pradesh (AP)

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AP SSC 2012 examinations are expected to start in the last week of March and will end in the month of April.

AP SSC 2012 examinations are expected to start in the last week of March and will end in the month of April. 

Minister for higher education has released the time table and we have provided it as per below.

Timings of SSC 2012 examination between 9:30 AM in the morning to 12:00 Noon. Results will be declared in a month or so after the completion of the examinations. Results are usually announced on May

Andhra Pradesh (AP) State Board SSC Exam Details 2012 - AP State Board SSC Exam timetable 2012 - AP SSC Exam timetable 2012 

 First Language - I (Group A)
First Language - I(Compsite Course)
 27.03.2012(Tuesday) First Language - II (Group A)
First Language - II(Compsite Course)
OSSC Main Language Paper I(Sankrit/Arabic/Parshian)
 28.03.2012(Wednesday) Second Language
 29.03.2012(Thursday) English I
 30.03.2012(Friday) English II
 31.03.2012(Saturday) Maths I
 02.04.2012(Monday) Maths II
 03.04.2012(Tuesday) General Science I
 04.04.2012(Wednesday) General Science II
Social Science I
Social Science II
OSSC Main Language Paper II(Sanskrit/Arabic/Parshian)
OSSC Vocational Course(Theory)

In general you can get the complete details about 2012 SSC Examination time table from the official website of the Government of Andhra pradesh as soon as their release. 

Andhra pradesh government wing for Higher education will check out the process for preparing and dispatching of SSC 2012 Hall tickets. They send the hall tickets of every student to their respective Schools. with out carrying hall tickets, students are not allowed to write the SSC 2012 board examinations. If any student loses the Hall ticket then he/she are recommended to apply for the duplicate hall tickets as soon as possible. 
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15  + 2 =     
rahul  |  09-Sep-2011 07:46:19 IST
are they true??
srikar  |  16-Sep-2011 08:17:33 IST
are they are really true iam fritend
swapnika  |  25-Sep-2011 20:50:19 IST
are u serious?...........?????
nizam  |  08-Oct-2011 18:53:42 IST
are u sure about these dates??????
ravi  |  10-Oct-2011 21:52:38 IST
are they dates true........ can i have a reply ......
kthan  |  11-Oct-2011 13:35:18 IST
no ways these days are not true bcoz 25 march is sunday!!
fdfdsf  |  14-Oct-2011 15:07:36 IST
noo is it true
vedant  |  17-Oct-2011 19:28:03 IST
I think they are not true.
SUNEEL  |  19-Oct-2011 17:44:05 IST
Yes, It is true.
Ram  |  19-Oct-2011 17:46:54 IST
Yes, Government is passed in the newspaper. So please look the eenadu newspaper.
vishal  |  21-Oct-2011 21:26:37 IST
yes it is true
Umesh  |  22-Oct-2011 07:47:15 IST
Ya it is not true guyssssss.!
venu  |  23-Oct-2011 17:18:09 IST
i think it either true or false. how many think will u get more than 590.i want reply with in 24hours on the time is 5-17p.m. go a head idiots.
99 is my lucky no the number is given below
Shahul  |  29-Oct-2011 17:06:32 IST
is it serious????????
aditya  |  31-Oct-2011 07:54:20 IST
i think its not true
aditya sastry  |  31-Oct-2011 22:09:17 IST
As per NEWS paper, exams start from March 26, 2012 to April 11, 2012. Please up date and forward it to my mail.
Sijo  |  01-Nov-2011 14:35:01 IST
Yet this is very series............
shaikhaehap  |  02-Nov-2011 19:24:08 IST
it is true...???
raj kumar  |  04-Nov-2011 20:08:57 IST
dont worry of any about this exam,
becoz i ,i senior of u and i face this exam,so i observed that worry and tension kill our aim, lets live all tension and prepared for ssc examination,

wishes you best wishes of this ssc examination
.,.,ALL THE BEST.,.,
madhukar  |  15-Nov-2011 21:29:12 IST
Vijaya  |  19-Nov-2011 15:58:56 IST

Is there any rule that SSC exams should be written with ball point pens only. Teachers are not allowing children to use fountain / gel pens
Please send us the feedback.

maira  |  20-Nov-2011 18:51:30 IST
no its not true
maira  |  20-Nov-2011 18:55:22 IST
firdous  |  01-Dec-2011 07:40:27 IST
please b sure about the exams
maira  |  04-Dec-2011 13:23:08 IST
26 march sure date
krishna  |  08-Dec-2011 15:25:51 IST
tatkal scheem availble for 10th class fee paying? give me details.
misha  |  10-Dec-2011 20:13:36 IST
all the best...........!
Asrar  |  12-Dec-2011 22:09:02 IST
don't worry about this.these dates are last year examination dates.once you see the 2011 march month.yes exams start from 26 march.
waseem ahmed  |  16-Dec-2011 19:53:08 IST
well dis is fake ......dates any way soon u find all dates da way all the best..;-)
aeized  |  20-Dec-2011 22:46:03 IST
DEEPAK SINGH  |  29-Dec-2011 16:19:12 IST
Juhi.  |  30-Dec-2011 09:14:15 IST
The dates which r given above r really true??????
DoYouKnow.IN  |  01-Jan-2012 16:29:52 IST
Hello Folks,
We have updated time table for SSC Exam 2012 as we got updated information from other sources.

swapnika  |  02-Jan-2012 20:37:41 IST
hey aeized u cant get any 2nd language spl english because actually there is no 2nd lang english thank you all the best!
surya  |  03-Jan-2012 20:58:02 IST
hey aiezed its true u cant get any 2nd language spl english bcoz actually 2nd language is hindi not spl english all the best prepare well 2 score good marks
prasanna kumar  |  18-Jan-2012 19:11:40 IST
dis the biggest fake! guyzzzzzzzzzz........
monica joice  |  25-Jan-2012 20:42:55 IST
hey frnds prepare well for ur exams don`t waste time guys wakeup dont sleep yar its too late fr preparation.
maira  |  03-Feb-2012 16:34:36 IST
hey frnds all the best to all for exams.iam quite excited nd nervous alot......
kiran raj  |  26-Feb-2012 16:28:20 IST
its wonder my center
saif  |  03-Mar-2012 18:28:40 IST
yes its trueeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee.the date are right
saif  |  03-Mar-2012 18:31:52 IST
all the best for your exams.i am very excited for the exams alot .good luckkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
maira  |  04-Mar-2012 14:53:52 IST
yupe....26 is ryt........all the best..
Meesum Agha  |  05-Mar-2012 17:12:41 IST
HEllo friends 26 march is declired by the goverment so prepair for exames "ALL THE BEST" AND pray for me and for all friends..! thank u..!
Naresh chandra  |  08-Mar-2012 17:00:02 IST
Yes 26march is correct date it is fact
sai  |  12-Mar-2012 16:50:29 IST
all the best for the exam
pratap  |  13-Mar-2012 08:48:03 IST
ప్రియమైన 10 వ తరగతి విధ్యార్డులకు శుభాకాంక్షలు. మార్చ్ 26 నుండి ప్రారంభమయ్యే పరీక్షలు వ్రాసే విధ్యార్ధులకు ఉపయోగపడే విషయ సేకరణ మన బ్లాగ్ లో ఉన్నది. గమనించగలరు.blog url-
pranay  |  13-Mar-2012 19:19:35 IST
HI.4RNDS ALL THE BEST ............. FOR U R UPCOMING 10TH XAMS......................MY CENTRE IS AT ST.MARTINS SCHOOL........
sridevi  |  14-Mar-2012 17:49:40 IST
what are the last 2 exams?plss do infrm!!!
pavan sarma  |  14-Mar-2012 20:45:48 IST
good thank you friend i am writing exam iread only second class only please hell up any friend please i read vedam only my intrest writing teenth exam
myemail adress my phone number
is 9849733977 please hell up any friend
ozair  |  15-Mar-2012 17:57:04 IST
all the best for your exam do hard work don't worry about your exam it will be fine
faiz  |  17-Mar-2012 12:20:12 IST
this is correct
monica  |  23-May-2012 08:27:31 IST
Dn't wrry guys. just chill
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