Online application form for MHADA Mumbai flats May 2012 lottery

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MHADA is holding a lottery draw for applicants wishing to own a budget home in Mumbai. The low cost homes in Mumbai and Mira Road are available for various income groups. The application for these homes can only be done online and the printed receipt has to be submitted to a designated branch of Axis Bank.

Online application form for MHADA Mumbai flats May 2012 lottery

MHADA is holding a lottery draw for applicants wishing to own a budget home in Mumbai. The low cost homes in Mumbai and Mira Road are available for various income groups. The application for these homes can only be done online and the printed receipt has to be submitted to a designated branch of Axis Bank.


Please see eligibility criteria and income groups here: MHADA Mumbai, Mira Road flats May 2012 lottery

I have listed below the step-by-step process to get the online application form as well as how to fill up each section. Applicants are advised, though, not to depend on the information given here but to check for themselves all the requisite details!

If you have any problems in applying online or submitting the printed acknowledgement receipt to be part of the lottery draw, please contact:
Contact Information for MHADA flats May 2012 lottery
Dy. Chief Officer, (E.M. – I),
Room No. 201, 1st floor, Griha Nirman Bhavan,
Kala Nagar,
Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400051
Helpline Phone No.: 022-66405099 / 66405010

Where to get application form for MHADA flats May 2012 lottery

Application forms for the MHADA flats May 2012 Lottery are available here only: MHADA website

For Guidance click here: Application Help Page


To know where exactly the MHADA homes are: Locations of MHADA flats for May 2012 lottery

How to submit online application form for MHADA flats May 2012 lottery

1. Log in to the MHADA website (ling given above).

2. You will see MHADA LOTTERY webpage on your screen. This is in Marathi, but you can opt for the English application form at the ‘English’ link provided.

3. You should first click on the Informatory Booklet link. This contains all the details of the tenements available, the terms & conditions, allotment process, etc. You can download this information booklet too.

4. Once you have gone through the information booklet, click on “Apply for lottery” given at the homepage.

5. Then click on ‘Apply’ for either Mumbai or Konkan as per your option. You will then see a blank application form. Select Marathi or English which is given below the logo of MHADA. You can also select the font size (size of the words): A- for minimum, A for normal, and A+ for large size font. Ensure that you fill in all the boxes marked by * as these are compulsory.

6. You need to select scheme code no. as per your income. This code number is provided in the box of Sr. No. 1.1. Here, you will see the options in the drop-down box which shows the scheme code no. and all the locations. Once you select the code no., click on ‘ok’. When you do this, the scheme location and the income group will be generated automatically in Sr.No.1.2 and 1.3.

7. Next select the options in Sr. No.1.4 for reservation category from the drop-down list.

8. In Sr. No. 2 you have to fill in the full name of the applicant. Click on ‘select’ to select Mr./Mrs./Kum.

9. In Sr. No. 2.3 you have to select date of birth (this should match the date of birth on your PAN card). There is a calendar in this box, from where you select the date, month and year to indicate your date of birth.

10. In Sr. No. 2.4 you have to select occupation.

11. In Sr. No. 2.5 yo have to select marital status.

12. In Sr. No. 3.1 you have to type in your full address.

13. In Sr. No. 3.2 you have to type in your 6-digit pin code number.
14. In Sr. No.4.1 you have to type in your Bank Account Number.

15. In Sr. No. 4.2 you have to type in the 9-digit MICR Code No. of your Bank/Branch.
Note: You can find out the MICR Code no. from your Bank manager. In case your bank/branch does not have an MICR code no. then you type the IFSC No. of your Bank/Branch in Sr.No.4.5. You can fill either the MICR Code No. or the IFSC No. or both. Ensure that you have filled in the correct name of your Bank/Branch.

16. In Sr.No. 5 you must type the applicant’s residential phone number, office phone number and e-mail ID (if any).

17. In Sr.No. 6 the application charges and EMD will be automatically filled in as per the scheme code no. which you selected earlier.

18. In Sr.No. 7 you have to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with reference to having/not having a house/residential plot in MCMM/Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation area as the case may be.

19. In Sr.No. 8 you have to fill in details of agricultural land. If not applicable to you, just keep the box blank.

20. If you are self-employed, in Sr.No. 9 type in the name and address of your establishment (company).

21. If you are a salaried individually, then you have to type the name and address of your employer in Sr.No.10.

22. In Sr.No. 11, you have to write out the applicant’s average monthly income.
How to work it out: the average monthly income is worked out on the basis of your total income during the financial year from 01-04-2011 to 31-03-2012, divided by 12.

23. In Sr.No.11.2 you have to write the monthly income of your spouse. If no income of spouse, type the digit ‘0’.

24. In Sr.No.11.4 and 11.4(A) you have to type out the applicant’s own PAN No. Make sure you fill it in both in 11.4 and 11.4(A) in capital letters.
Note: an incorrect PAN No. will result in the application being cancelled.

25. Type in the answers to the questions given in Sr.No.12.

26. In Sr.No.13 you have to type in the names of the persons staying with you along with their details – simply click on ‘Add’ to add more persons.

27. At Sr.No.14 you have to click on “I Agree” and type the place below the declaration given.

28. Calculate the sum of 2 figures for ‘verification code’ and type the answer in the respective boxes.

29. Click on ‘Submit’ only after you have checked that you have filled in all the information properly and correctly. If you click on ‘Reset’ all the information you have typed in will get erased.

30. In case of any mandatory box not being filled in or having a mistake, a message so indicating will appear on the screen. You then have to correct the mistakes and then click on ‘Submit’.

31. If you wish to change any information you can click on the ‘Back’ button and correct the information, or else you can click on the ‘Confirm’ button.

32. Right at the bottom of the form you will see ‘Print Acknowledgement in English’ or ‘Print Acknowledgemnt in Marathi’. Click on the option you need. You will then see a PDF format of your application form, displaying a 10-digit application number. You can save this PDF file on your computer and also take a print out. The printed receipt will have all the relevant information of the applicant – scheme code, income group, telephone number, date of birth, Bank name, PAN no., etc.

33. Go through this printed application form. If you find any errors and wish to make any changes, you can submit a NEW online application form. Remember that once you submit the receipt to the Axis Bank branch, you cannot then submit another application online.

34. The number printed on your acknowledgement receipt will be the numbers which is considered for the MHADA lottery draw.

35. On the acknowledgement receipt, you have to paste the applicant’s recent passport-size photo in the space provided. Write the details of the DD/Pay order (number, date, amount, Bank name) in the printed receipt. The amount will be as specified and will be drawn on Mumbai branch from Nationalised/Scheduled/Private bank. You must write your name and application number behind the DD/Pay order.

36. The name of the applicant, place and date must be written on the printed receipt and duly signed. An unsigned receipt will not be accepted.

37. Make sure that you keep a Xerox copy of the printed receipt before you submit it at Axis Bank branch.

38. Attach a single DD/Pay order of the prescribed amount drawn from Nationalised/Scheduled/Private bank, payable at Mumbai branch in favour of “Axis Bank A/c MHADB-2012”.

39. Documents to be submitted at Axis Bank branch:
(i)Printed receipt of 2 pages complied as per Sr.No.25
(ii) DD/Pay order
(iii) Self-attested Xerox copy of applicant’s PAN card
(iv) Self-attested any 1 xerox copy of address proof (the proof should match address given in application form), such as first page of applicant’s Bank pass book, electricity bill, telephone bill, passport, voter’s ID, Aadhaar ID, etc.

40. On submission at the Bank branch, you must make sure that you collect the acknowledgement slip duly signed and stamped. Keep this slip very very carefully as it is your proof of having submitted the application. In fact, keep a Xerox copy of it too safely as a backup.

41. You must submit the printed receipt of the online application form at Axis Bank branches from Monday to Friday 9.30a.m. to 3.30p.m. and on Saturday between 9.30a.m. to 1.30p.m. (excluding all public holidays)

42. You can check your online application with current status on the MHADA website on the homepage at ‘View Application’ link by typing in the application number and birth date of the applicant.

Important Notes:
1. The application forms must not be submitted at the MHADA office.
2. Do not deal with any so-called agents/representatives/brokers claiming to be able to get you an application form and help you in the lottery draw. MHADA has not appointed anybody for this lottery.
3. If you are lucky enough to be an eligible applicant, you will have to pay the required stamp duty as per the rules of the State Govt.
4. It may take time to provide water and electricity to the MHADA home which you get, as these will be acquired from the local authorities.
5. In addition to the cost of the house, you will also have to pay the required Service Tax + Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT) in the concerned Govt. Dept.
6. You will get the actual possession of the flat only after you produce the tax receipts.

Note: Applicants are requested to check MHADA website to confirm all information. The author of this blog has taken the info. from newspaper press-released advt. of MHADA. The author is not responsible for any inaccuracies/errors in the information given

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