Some Amazing Facts About Brain

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Here we have listed some amazing and unknown fact about human brain.

List of amazing and unknown facts about Human Brain.

Human Brain

  • The Brain has a joke centre.Sometimes, patients with damagedfrontal lobes are unable to ‘get’jokes.
  • You can’t hear phoneconversations in noisy rooms – Thebrain can’t distinguish backgroundnoise from the voice on the phone.
  • Yawning actually wakes you up –Yawning gets more air into thelungs, thus increasing oxygen to thebrain.
  • We’re hardwired to rememberannoying songs – ‘Sequence recall’to learn daily routines also letssongs get stuck in our heads.
  • The brain uses less power than arefrigerator light – The brain uses12 watts of power – 17% of thebody’s energy.
  • Frequent jet lag can damagememory – Stress hormones releasedduring jet lag can damage thetemporal lobe and memory.
  • Altitude makes the brain seestrange visions – Oxygendeprivation is likely to interferewith visual and emotionalprocessing.
  • Shoot-’em-up computer gamesaid multitasking – Shootingmultiple enemies spreads yourattention and means you’reconstantly reacting to events.
  • It is impossible to tickle yourself– The brain dulls expectedsensations when we cause themourselves.
  • Brain sunlight makes you sneeze– Crossed wires in the brain stemsend signals from the eye via thenose.
  • The weight of the brain is about1.36kg.
  • The brain is made up of roughly75% water.
  • Your brain stops growing at age18.
  • Your brain uses 20% of the totaloxygen in your body.
  • Studies show that brain waves aremore active while dreaming thanwhen you are awake.
  • Excessive stress has shown to alterbrain cells, brain structure andbrain function.
  • The brain can live for 4 to 6minutes without oxygen, and thenit begins to die. No oxygen for 5 to10 minutes will result inpermanent brain damage.
  • Reading aloud and talking oftento a young child promotes braindevelopment.
  • A newborn baby’s brain growsabout three times its size in thefirst year.
  • The human brain is the fattestorgan in the body and may consistsof at least 60% fat.

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