What is sixth sense ?

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General Knowledge and Facts about Term Sixth Sense.

Normally human beings have 5 senses. They are
1. Vision 2.Hearing 3.Smell 4.Taste 5.Touch

The sixth sense: People have come to know of the future events are the events going on currently in faraway places (without using the normal 5 senses).

The scientific term is: Extraordinary sensory perception (E.S.P).

J.B.Rhine of Duke University (America) conducted major experiments on this subject in 1930, which brought little recognition. The realities of this phenomenon were studied by parapsychologists around the world. Which are:

1. Psycho kinesis: in this – things around us are moved without the use of hands is any physical object.

2. Telepathy: Ability to percept the thoughts and mental states of another person.

3. Clair Yance: Gaining information about objects and events that are taking place, without using any known method of communication.

4. Pre- cognition (prophesying): Having knowledge of telling about feature events, on the causing of which the person can have no control.

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