Organizing A Charity Marathon Event At Your Gym

By: John Diggers | Views: 1822 | Date: 29-Mar-2011

An introductory article offering practical advice on how to prepare and run a charity event at your local gymnasium.

A charity run can raise anything from a fewhundred to several thousand pounds/dollars! Use an event for a good cause bycapitalizing on people's desire to help others and to get in shape. 

The first thing to do is to arrange astakeholders meeting at your gym or fitness club. Sort out who will be helpingto run the event, who will be making the key decisions and what peoplesindividual tasks are. Getting your local Gym manager involved is a crucialstep, as they will have a large network of contacts and resources at theirdisposal. 

Secondly, for maximum exposure ensure your eventtakes place on a specific day or month. Like Movember was a recent initiativerun throughout November. With the date set, it should happen regardless ofexternal factors (i.e. weather!). Once you have a date, you then need to decidea starting time. This is a crucial element as fitness centres and gym havenotable peak and off-peak times. Ultimately you want as many people involved aspossible and to ensure this, you will need to look at the venue usagestatistics (a good reason for including the gym manager). 

Once you have decided the time, the race lengthand route is another major detail to conclude. Don’t make it too long (youshouldn’t look to exclude the less fit and healthy members) and likewise, don’tmake it too easy as the fitter members will overlook your event. 

Thirdly, create a sign-up process for your Gymevent. This would ensure greater exposure and helps to identify what kind ofnumbers you can expect to get at the event. The more participants mean more spectators which resultsin hopefully more money being raised! For ashort race charging participants an entry fee is often preferred over having torely on sponsors (who often pay by the mile). Massively important: Road closures, traffic restrictions crowd control andother general security issues are huge importance’s and should be arranged andsorted as soon as possible.

pproaching potential sponsors to finance,publicize and even organize the event could make the event even bigger andbetter. Sponsors will always want to promote their product with giveaways suchas
 T-shirts, hats and othermerchandise.

Simplicity is the aim with any kind of public event. Advice and informationshould be clear and coherent, participation should be fun and enjoyable andmost importantly, every aspect should be measureable. You might want to measure:money raised, money spent, participants involved, time spent on organising etc.

Fitnessclubs, health centres and gym venues offer a great atmosphere to arrange suchan event. Make full use of the community spirit and try and get as many peopleinvolved and taking part as possible. These often offer exciting PR potentialfor the gym venue so more often than not, will be embraced by the people‘upstairs’. Remember for the day to be a success, have fun! If you have fun, sotoo will everyone else. In this instance, money does mean fun!

The authorworks for a gym that provides access to health and fitness facilities, inquality surroundings 24 hours a day at a gym Leeds.

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