Getting Kites To Fly - Useful Tips To Fly Kites High

By: Chris Harmen | Views: 1937 | Date: 14-Jan-2011

Flying kites can be a fun activity for groups or individuals. Understanding conditions and tips before takeoff can truly enhance the overall kiting experience.

Flying kites  can be a fun and exhilarating activity for large groups, families, couples or even the solo adventurist looking for some outdoor excitement. While often thought of as "child's play," successful kiting actually depends on some simple but essential scientific concepts. Understanding a few basic principles and useful flying tips before the outing can help ensure ultimate success with getting kites to soar.

Buy A Kite -- Selecting The Best Model

Novice aviators should focus on purchasing the most appropriate model based on their skill level. Power and stunt versions have some excellent options for the more advanced flyer. However, in most cases, starting out with a simple single-string model is traditionally a great selection for beginners of any age. Named for its one string design, these crafts can withstand medium strength winds and prove ideal for rookies as well as young children with small hands. Once a model has been selected, there are virtually hundreds of different combination choices for colors, tail length and shape design to ensure the final purchase is as unique as the person flying it.

Find An Ideal Location

Locating a suitable spot to launch is also a vital element in the overall success of the excursion. Check the local weather report to ensure clear skies, as an electrical storm can pose a serious risk to navigators. It's also important to locate an empty playing field, park or other large open area. Crowded spaces riddled with buildings or people can prove both difficult and dangerous to maneuver around, particularly on a day with strong winds.

Tips For Takeoff

Both low wind and high wind days can add different layers of difficulty when flying. Medium strength winds with a force of 5-25mph often provide the best condition for flyers. When attempting liftoff, be sure to stand with your back to the wind's force and have a helper hold the craft by its bridle point for best take off position. Next, move in the opposite direction of the apparatus. As it pulls away from you, release enough string so the device can gain height yet still remain taut.

Flying without a helper is perfectly doable, but may require a different approach to get airborne. Use walls, posts, shrubbery or even a large boulder as a prop to position the craft in the proper position and spool off enough line for desired altitude. Running in the opposite direction will then help get the kite smoothly aloft.

Adjustable bridles can offer an extra advantage in less than pristine flying conditions. In higher strength winds, position the bridle closer to the top of kites. When dealing with lower force gusts, move the bridle closer to the tails. Adjusting in ½" increments will help determine the best bridle placement for any wind force.

Having a successful outing flying kites is possible regardless of ability. Just a little understanding behind the essential concepts can help ensure an outing of achievement and most importantly, enhance the fun.

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