How Difficult Is Outside Garden Lighting To Design When Safety Comes First

By: John Diggers | Views: 1304 | Date: 25-Feb-2011

Some simple guidance into the various outdoor and garden light design varieties and how they can be implemented into a safe design plan.

Outdoorlighting (or maybe garden lighting) has both practical and ornamental purposes.Enough lighting is often important to help keep homeowners safe. If lighting istoo dim or in many cases non-existent, individuals could be at risk of injuryi.e. tripping or falling. Besides the issue of safety, another importantpurpose for outdoor lighting is aesthetics. 

Outdoorlighting can be an inexpensive way to revamp. The chief function behindthe use of outdoor lighting is safety. Individuals are at risk of falling downand hurting themselves when they are unable to see where they are going.Walking up and down steps, along paths, near pools and ponds without being ableto see can be quite dangerous, not only for the person living in the house butalso for individuals who come to visit. Garden wall lights come in a host ofshapes and sizes (and prices too) and quite often look stunning under a starrysky! 

A host canbe held responsible if someone comes on their property and hurts themselves andno one wants the feeling of guilt when hosting. The risk that someone will gethurt increases when a homeowner fails to provide basic safeguards such as lights.Placing lights around the house is standard, so why not the garden or outside?Especially where people will be moving around and congregating. Not only can exteriorlighting keep people from hurting themselves but it can also make the propertylook attractive! Lights can highlight areas where potential thieves may behiding, acting as a crime deterrent. Spot lights are usually a good choice:bright, inexpensive and usually have a long life expectancy!

Energysaving lights are becoming are firm favourite to use in the garden for avariety of reasons. Whether it be Fluorescent orLED’s, energy saving lighting offers light at low costs while being environmentallyfriendly. One benefit is that if you are going to be running them off atimer, the cost of actually running them is massively reduced! Likewise with Posts and Bollards (which often also using energy savingbulbs) can be used to light pathways, as well as define them. They areinteresting light sources and also beautiful features of a landscape in theirown right. The money saved over time from energy consumption and bulb replacementmakes energy saving fittings kind on your pocket as well as the environment.Ground lights are often a firm favourite with people boasting decks! 

Garden andoutside lighting can boost a property’s value and pride of ownership vastly. Lightingcreates a new drama and beauty in a garden all year round and garden lighting improvessafety and reduces risk of being burgled. Looking in your local store or onlinelighting specialist, you would be able to find some suitable: floodlights, upand accent lights, step and brick lights, path and spread lights, bollards, beacons,in-ground well lights and underwater (specialty) lights. Elucidatedwaterfalls/ponds, terraced gardens and beautiful flowers - the amateur cancreate an evening wonderland of beauty just like the professional with a littlebit of planning.

The author of this article has a number of yearsexpertise in lighting, working for a company that specialise in gardenlighting.

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