Go Organic For A Healthy Cleveland Lawn

By: Hailey Bond | Views: 1144 | Date: 06-Jul-2011

Landscaping in a beautiful location such as Cleveland is only going to add to its majestic beauty even more. There are several options available in the market; however, opting for an organic Cleveland lawn is a healthier option, for your family and Cleveland.

All us would love to have a marvelous Cleveland lawn either in the front or backyard- a lawn that is well kept, neat, colorful, lively and beautiful. And many people invest a good amount in getting those mind blowing lawns made. However, according to research, the chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides used in the lawn making and care tend to be carcinogenic, increases the presence of harmful nitrates in the drinking water wells! So, an easier and healthy way out would be to make a fantastic organic lawn!

As one decides to go organic with their lawn, it is best to research well on the best type of grasses to get an extremely lush lawn possible in your backyard. Find out if those type of grasses suit your area climate before planting them or having them planted in your lawn. Alongside, one must also ensure to mix the right type of grasses while doing so. Each grass type would also require different watering times, which should be noted too, so that the roots gets strong and grow out to be less vulnerable to diseases. The lawn might also need to be aerated so that the compact soil loosens and the water doesn’t run off. Rather, the water would soak well into the soil, eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers. This is just step one towards a healthy and organic Cleveland lawn care.

Maintaining Your Organic Cleveland lawn

Look around and we will find many things around us that are turning organic, to prevent our generation next to face the consequences of our unhealthy practices. That applies even to a micro level of having organic lawns rather than the chemical-filled ones! Once the organic lawn is made, it is important to ensure that there lies on layer of dead grass and clippings on the lawn floor, more than an inch thick with the help of regular and controlled de-thatching. This prevents your Cleveland lawn from encouraging the growth of fungus and ensures that the water reaches the roots.

Yet another great way to maintain your organic lawn would be to add organic fertilizers available, which comprise of fish emulsion, bone meal and manure, that too in the early summers, so that the grass get enough time to harden by winter. It is also vital to mow your organic lawn properly using sharp blades’ dull blades end up tearing the grass and leaving them vulnerable to diseases. Also, the lawn should not be mowed down to less than 3 inches in the summer season!

As a part of your organic Cleveland lawn care, it would also be better if weed control products such as corn gluten meal are used.

Landscaping Cleveland, Making It More Beautiful

Cleveland is as such, a completely marvelous location to have beautiful smiling lawns. Landscaping Cleveland is going to make the place look even more fresh, green and ecstatic to the eyes. And to add to this beauty even more, having organic lawns is a still better option. It is ultimately all about growing wiser lawns and trying to prevent the damage before it should happen and of course, also about growing a healthy lawn for your family and Cleveland!

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