How To Successfully Install A Garage Door

By: John Diggers | Views: 922 | Date: 10-Jan-2011

This is a short article helping the reader in the common errors and faults to avoid when home installing a new garage door.

Installing a new garage door doesn’t have to bedifficult but to ensure it all goes through without a hitch, there are a fewimportant do’s and don’t one must follow. 

There are a few key things to consider to helpyou avoid ordering the wrong sized garage door. Firstly, if you are replacingyour existing up and over garage door, you must choose whether you are going toretain your existing wooden frame or whether you would prefer your new garagedoor to be supplied complete with a lower maintenance steel or GRP factoryframe (recommended) that will fix directly to your brickwork. 

The ordering size of your new garage door doesnot allow for any fitting tolerances, such as uneven brickwork or floorfinishes. You will need to allow for any tolerances when ordering your door bytaking the measurement across the opening in at least 3 separate places(Installers generally recommend (top, middle and bottom). Then do the sameagain for the height by taking measurements (left, right and centre). Ensurelike with any other form of DIY, double check and ensure the measurements beingmade are the correct ones! 

If you would like your new garage door to comewith the recommended factory frame, measure the brickwork to brickwork width ofyour opening. To determine the height of your garage opening, measure from thefloor to the underside of the lintel. 

Remember there are a variety of commonobstructions stopping the door from shutting. These include: Brick piers, boilers, side/reardoorways opening onto door tracks, steel or timber beams, windows, lights &light switches, gas, electric and water pipes and meters, and sloping ceilings/walls. 

Taking your time is imperative in making sureyou don’t overlook some of the common obstructions that will stop your newgarage door fitting perfectly. My advice is to get an exact idea of where anytracks and electric openers will be fixed within your garage and consider thespace around these. This will guarantee the smooth installation of your newgarage door. 

Stated garage door sizes often refer to the sizeof the opening through which the garage door travels (i.e. internal frame size).The manufacturer will make a deduction to provide the necessary clearance but thetrue size of the door may be smaller. Because of this deduction, you mustalways measure the opening size and not the size of the existing panel. Onceyou have established the dimensions of the garage door opening, you mustconsider the internal dimensions of your garage to ensure that the track &mechanism will fit. The length of any ceiling mounted tracks will generally dependon the height of the door. 

Traditionally most garage doors are built toimperial measurements and most standard garage door sizes are therefore manufacturedto imperial dimensions. If you are constructing a new garage ensure you convertto the imperial to the metric.

The author of this article works fora company specialising in garagedoors.

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