Star Goes Gaga For Rachael's Outfits

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Pixie lott, real name Stefani Germanotta, has worn a number of Barrett's distinctive silicone dresses in recent months.

A SCOTS fashion graduate who left art college last year is now Lady Gaga's favourite designer.

Less than a year ago, Rachael Barrett was a struggling student who could barely afford the trip you will find her native Glasgow.

These days she actually is considered one of fashion's hottest properties after finding favour with Lady Gaga. The singer, currently the biggest pop sensation on the planet with her joint Telephone hit and video with Beyonc?¡ì|, has described the 25-year-old as "my favourite new designer".

Pixie lott, real name Stefani Germanotta, has worn a number of Barrett's distinctive silicone dresses in recent months.

The American singer wore Barrett creations, which cost up to GBP 1,000, inside the video for last November's hit Bad Romance as well as for Telephone.

A Barrett dress also features in Lady Gaga's Monster Ball world tour. In a interview with fashion bible Dazed & Confused, Lady Gaga said:

"Rachael is my favourite new designer. Her innovation with latex lingerie, silhouette and minimalism is inspirational."

Barrett graduated from London's Royal College of Art in June 2009 using a Masters degree in vogue.

She said: "It was wonderful when I discovered Rhianna will be wearing certainly one of my dresses for that Bad Romance video. After graduating, I had created a tough summer hunting for freelance work, thus , making this a true surprise."

 Margiela then took guests rack by rack, piece by piece over the collection, indicating that second-hand sheepskins experienced their buttons removed and wrap around the body with ribbons. American baseball shirts tie with ribbons at the spine to include shape. Old jeans had been recut into skirts, detailed with dirty knees and unfinished hems. Wool sleeves are safety-pinned to silk dresses. Parts of seams happen to be finished then delicately re-opened. And jacket and dress linings are made to be worn alone as garments.

Margiela's clothing is probably the most progressive in Paris and were appreciated much more through his careful explanations.

Montana's best

Word has it that Claude Montana's eveningwear didn't even arrive backstage until his show had already begun. It's no surprise that the designer looked just a little piqued when he took his bow. Whether or not the rumor was true or not, he needn't have worried. Montana put on among the best shows in Paris. There have been brilliantly colored trapeze coats in wool or corduroy with foot wide collars falling in waves and cuffs with enough fabric to chop another coat. A fuchsia style had jaggedy pinked edges and most were worn over co-ordinating leggings and Robin Hood boots.

He also did maxi coats nipped on the waist and overstuffed velvet parkas.

Underneath a lot of the sculptural coats: ribbed bodywear, tunics with bell sleeves, ankle-length leathers, cropped trousers, and shapely jackets which instead of buttons closed with bright blocks of Velcro.

For evening, Montana proposed the tuxedos into the future: shapely tailcoats slit on the sides to reveal wisps of chiffon. It's with ideas genuinely that Montana will bring us in to the Twenty-first century.

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