Biography Of Kevin O'Brien - Cricket Player of Ireland

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An Ireland's Cricket Player Kevin Joseph O'Brien's biography and interview information.

Kevin O'Brien
  • Born: 04/03/1984, Dublin.
  • Occupation: Professional cricketer
  • Club: Railway Union
  • Previous Clubs: None
  • Secondary School: Marian College
  • Representative Honours: Ireland Under 13, 17, 19, 'A', Senior, Leinster Senior, Ireland Statistics: He has scored 3174 runs at an average of 29.39, with 16 fifties and three hundreds. His highest score of 171* came against Kenya in 2008. Has taken 106 wickets at an average of 31.16, with a best bowling return of 5 for 39 against Canada in 2010. he has to date taken 64 catches and 8 run outs. His 136 caps place him fifth on the all-time list, behind Kyle McCallan, Andrew White, Andre Botha and Trent Johnston.

Cricketing Career

Who had the greatest influence on your career? My dad, coming to all my matches and always having a word of advice.

What is your ultimate cricketing aspiration? To continue to improve and help Irish cricket achieve all it can, both on and off the field.

What is your most memorable cricketing moment? Scoring 39* in only 17 balls against Bangladesh in 20/20 World Cup.

What was your worst cricketing moment? Personally the end of 2009 and start of 2010 season, when I was struggling with form. People were saying I wasn't good enough to be in the squad, and should be dropped. That was a hard time for me reading those comments.

What is your funniest cricketing moment? Watching as Andrew White retired hurt after getting hit in the box by Irvine Romaine of Bermuda - an off spinner!!!!

Who is your best friend in Irish Cricket and why? William Porterfield and Gary Wilson. I've been playing with them since Under 13/14 .

Irish Cricket

Who is your favourite Irish cricketer (past and present), and why? Paul Stirling , a care free approach, with undeniable talent and potential. He can take any bowling attack apart.

Which is your favourite Irish cricket ground, and why? Park Avenue I never get tired of negotiating my way up the lane, and seeing friends and family!

Who is the best young Irish cricketer you have seen in recent times? Paul Stirling.

What do you think of overseas professionals in Irish club cricket? Very important, as long as they do the job correctly, ie coaching the colts sides, working on the wickets etc.

Do you think bowlers should be restricted in domestic cricket? Yes, otherwise it becomes a three man bowling attack.

What are your main complaints about Irish cricket? Too many competitions. Irish cup, league and a good 20/20 would be enough. No need for the 60 over cup.

How would you set about improving the standard of Irish cricket? I think interpro's should be re-introduced to have best versus best competition.

How would you set about making Irish cricket more popular? Maybe more emphasis on 20/20, have a set period of 3/4 weeks just for 20/20 cricket. by having 2 groups of 7 teams (north and south) then top 2 or 4 qualify for semi/quarter finals. Coloured clothing for all games.

International Cricket

Which Test team, if any, do you support, and why? None.

Which overseas countries have you played cricket in? Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, UAE, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Gibraltar, Morocco, Holland, Denmark, Caribbean, Zimbabwe.

Which was your favourite, and why? Any trip to the Caribbean is special. Great place and very friendly people.

Who is your favourite world cricketer, and why? Ryan Sidebottom, a top fella, and a genuine guy.

Your Interests

  • Which other sports do you play regularly? Play hockey in Railway Union and also love a bit of golf.
  • What are your hobbies? Obviously hockey and golf, but like to read, and also chill with friends, going to the cinema, and eating out.
  • Who is your favourite musical artist? Alicia Keys
  • Who is your favourite author? Steig Larsson
  • Which is your favourite film? How to lose a guy in 10 days
  • What is your favourite newspaper? The Mail on Sunday
  • What is your favourite television programme? At the moment Gossip Girl
  • What is your favourite website? Like the majority of people, I'd be kind of lost without Facebook
  • What is your favourite type of food? Indian
  • Where is your favourite place to go on holiday? Anywhere that I don't have my cricket gear with me!!
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