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Q.  Why do two eyes give better vision than one?
A.  Because two eyes do not form exactly similar images and he fusion of these two dissimilar images in the brain gives three dimensions of the stereoscopic vision.
Q.  Why is it difficult to breathe at higher altitudes?
A.  Because of low air pressure at higher altitudes the quantity of air is less, and so that of oxygen.
Q.  How many times a normal heart beats in 24 hours?
A.  HEART beats 1,03,689 times.
Q.  How much miles blood flows in 24 hours?
A.  BLOOD flows 16,80,000 miles.
Q.  How much nails grow in 24 hours?
A.  NAILS grow 0.00007 inches
Q.  Why do we place a wet cloth on the forehead of a patient suffering from high temperature?
A.  Because of body?s temperature, water evaporating from the wet cloth produces a cooling effect and brings the temperature down.
Q.  What would you suffer from if you had dichromatic vision?
A.  Colour Blindness
Q.  In medicine, Brachiotomy is the removal of what?
A.  Arm
Q.  What is the most common blood type in humans?
A.  Type O
Q.  The lack of which vitamin causes rickets?
A.  (D)
Q.  What do we collectively call the Biochemical Processes taking place in Body?
A.  Metabolism
Q.  A typical human ribcage consists of how many ribs?
A.  24
Q.  Who plays important role in Protein synthesis in body?
A.  Ribosomes
Q.  What is Hypoglycemia?
A.  Low Blood Sugar
Q.  Glycogen is tored in which part of the body?
A.  Liver
Q.  Where do we find cartilage in Human Body?
A.  Nose
Q.  Absence of Iodine in human body causes­?
A.  Goitre
Q.  What’s the scientific name for fingers and toes?
A.  Falange
Q.  Which disease occurred to the humans due to the excretory waste of the birds?
A.  Psittacosis Disease.
Q.  What is the brain death?
A.  Brain death means the irreversible brain damage causing the end of independent.


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