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Q.  How much is the playing time of Indian National Anthem?
A.  Approx 52 seconds
Q.  What is the name of the first month of National Calendar of India?
A.  Chaitra
Q.  What kind of forests cover maximum area in India?
A.  Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests
Q.  What is the stretch of India from north to south?
A.  3200 Kms
Q.  Which Veda gives the first classification of PRAN ( Respiration)?
A.  Rig Veda
Q.  What was the name of State Bank of India Before Nationalization?
A.  Imperial Bank of India
Q.  Which Kind of Forests occupy the highest percentage in India Area Wise?
A.  Tropical Deciduous
Q.  The only paramilitary force which has an exclusive ‘Mahila Battalion’ is
A.  CRPF batch – 88
Q.  The largest paramilitary force in India
A.  Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
Q.  Who wrote the book Tehqiq-i-Hind?
A.  Alberuni.
Q.  What was the biggest building at Mohenjodaro?
A.  AtharvaVeda.
Q.  Where does the term “GOTRA” occurs for the first time?
A.  Great Granary.
Q.  What was the first animal tamed by Neolithic people?
A.  Dog
Q.  How many granaries are there in Harappa?
A.  Six
Q.  In which Veda the famous Vedic saying “War begins in the minds of men”, is stated?
A.  AtharvaVeda
Q.  What was the other name for “Tevaram”?
A.  Dravida Veda
Q.  Where did Buddha attain enlightenment?
A.  Bodh Gaya
Q.  How many spokes are there in the “Dharma Chakra”?
A.  24
Q.  Which Pandyan King is mentioned in the “Silappadikaram”?
A.  Nedunjeliyan
Q.  In which Veda the four-fold division of society is expressly mentioned?
A.  Purusa-Sukta of Rigveda.
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