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Q.  If India celebrates Diwali (or Deepawli) which country celebrates the Lantern Festival as the festival of lights?
A.  China
Q.  According to Hindu mythology, on whose home-coming from 14 years of exile is Deepawli celebrated?
A.  Lord Rama
Q.  Deepawli is known as Tihar in which SAARC nation?
A.  Nepal
Q.  Goddess Lakshmi is generally worshiped during Deepawli. However in Eastern and North-Eastern India, which goddess is worshiped?
A.  Goddess Kali
Q.  What is the first day of Deepawli called?
A.  Dhanteras
Q.  Whose puppets are burned alongside Ravana during Dussehra?
A.  Kumbhakarna (his brother) and Meghnad (his son)
Q.  What does the word ‘Garba’, the popular Gujarati dance performed during Deepawli mean in Sanskrit?
A.  Light
Q.  According to myth, which sweet is primarily offered during Deepawli to Goddess Lakshmi?
A.  Kaju Katli (Almond sweet)
Q.  Diwali is related to which Religion?
A.  Hindu
Q.  Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom of Ayodhya after defeating (the demon king)-----------?
A.  Ravana
Q.  According to the Hindu Calendar Diwali is celebrated in the months?
A.  It begins in late Ashwin (between September & October) and ends in early Kartika (October–November).
Q.  For how many days Diwali is celebrated according to the lunar Hindu Calendar?
A.  Diwali is celebrated for 5 days according to the lunar Hindu Calendar.
Q.  In Diwali 5 days celebration what is celebrated on the first and last days?
A.  The first day is Dhan Teras. The last day is Yama Dvitiya.
Q.  After how many year of Vanvas Lord Rama return to his kingdom of Ayodhya?
A.  14 Years of Vanvas (banishment).
Q.  The Killing of Narakasura: Celebrated as?
A.  Narak Chaturdashi
Q.  Narak Chaturdashi, is celebrated after or before Diwali?
A.  Narak Chaturdashi, is celebrated one day before Diwali.
Q.  Which Puja is celebrated the day after Diwali?
A.  Govardhan
Q.  Govardhan Puja is relate to Which Lord?
A.  Lord Krishna , Govardhan Puja is celebrated the day after Diwali which is the day Krishna defeated Indra,
Q.  What is the role of Lakshmi Puja on Diwali?
A.  Lakshmi Puja marks the most important day of Diwali celebrations in North India. Hindu homes worship Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and Ganesh, the God of auspicious beginnings, and then light lamps in the streets and homes to welcome prosperity and well-being.
Q.  Name a sweet made during Diwali?
A.  Gujia
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