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Get General Knowledge about different kind of Metals like Steel, Iron, Copper etc. and get detail about characteristics of these kind of metal.

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Q.  Why cannot a copper wire be used to make elements in electric heater?
A.  Copper melts at 108.30C and forms a black powder on reacting with atmospheric oxygen. For heater elements a metal should have more resistance to produce heat.
Q.  Why is a metal tyre heated before it is fixed on wooden wheels?
A.  On heating, the metal tyre expands by which its circumference also increases. This makes fixing the wheel easier and therefore cooling down shrinks it; thus fixing the tyre tightly.
Q.  Why does the mass of an iron increase on rusting?
A.  Because rust is hydrated ferric oxide which adds to the mass of the iron rod. The process of rusting involves addition of hydrogen and oxygen elements to iron.
Q.  After which chemical element is Argentina named?
A.  Silver
Q.  Which metal is heavier, silver or gold?
A.  Gold
Q.  Which quality of iron ore is best based upon iron content?
A.  Magnetite, followed by hematite>Limonite>Siderite
Q.  Which metals are used to make electrical wires?
A.  Copper and Aluminium
Q.  Which metal is liquid at room temperature?
A.  Mercury
Q.  Which metals are poor conductor of heat and electricity?
A.  Mercury and Tungsten
Q.  Which metals are called soft metals?
A.  Sodium and Potassium
Q.  Which metals are used for making jewellery?
A.  Gold, Silver and Platinum
Q.  Which metal is highly reactive?
A.  Sodium
Q.  Which metals are not malleable and ductile?
A.  Zinc, Arsenic and Antimony
Q.  Which metals have low melting and boiling points?
A.  Sodium, Potassium and Mercury
Q.  Which metals have low densities?
A.  Sodium and Potassium
Q.  Which metals are best conductor of heat?
A.  Silver and Copper
Q.  Which metals are highly malleable metals?
A.  Gold and Silver
Q.  Which metals are called noble metals?
A.  Gold and Platinum
Q.  Which was the first metal to be used by man?
A.  Copper.
Q.  Which one of the following metals has the highest density?
A.  Platinum
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